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Welcome To Holy Living Christian Center
Church Ministries

Holy Living Christian Center is dedicated to providing our members with a wholesome experience of God. We have various ministries in place that provide our members with other opportunities both to serve and grow in the Lord. These ministries are very crucial to our mission as they enable us to provide additional opportunities to minister the Word of God to the people and develope effective growth in their lives.

Mission's Ministry (Elder Allard Garvin) - This ministry serves in the capacity of going out to the highways and the byways and spreading the gospel of Christ. In addition, they visit the sick during their times of illness and provide comfort through prayers and personal support.

Women's Ministry (Pastor Pamela Lennon) - Every 2nd Saturday of the month @ 1:00 PM this ministry serves to provide the nuturing and support of women both in and outside of our church family. Various topics that empower women to deal with the issues they face in life are discussed in this dynamic ministry. In addition to monthly meetings, they also go out to visit various nursing homes and minister to others who are not able to attend church.

Men's Ministry (Bishop Carlos Lennon) - Every 3rd Friday of the month @ 7:00 PM this ministry holds meetings that reach into the hearts of men and deals with the challenges they face in life. This ministry is open to men both in and outside of our church family. It has impacted the lives of many men and has enabled men to take their rightful places in life.

Youth Ministry (Minister Leona Miller) - Our youth are seen as an important part of our church. We do not simply view them as our future at our church. Instead, we see them as part of our today who must be prepared to take their places in the future. We have a sincere devotion to the nurturing of our youth. They have their own Bible study on Tuesdays that is broken down into age appropriate groups. They are taught how to deal with the issues they face from a biblical perspective. They are also actively engaged in various missions that include visiting nursing homes and raising money and goods for those that are less fortunate in our community.

Youth Tutorial - This ministry is provided to those youth who desire additional tutoring with their school work. Our church is dedicated to making sure that we do our part to ensure the youth are provided a quality education. This tutorial is taught by certified teachers who volunteer their time to assist our youth in various areas they may need help in. It is held every Tuesday before Bible study from 6-7 PM.

Youth Nights (Deacon Reuben Richardson) - As an extension of our Youth Ministry, the youth nights exists as a way for our youth to come together in a fun way while yet furthering their walk with Christ. This night is more than just a play time for them. Instead, it is not uncommon to see various forums being held in which they discuss the various pressures and trials they face as they grow.

Audio / Video Ministry (Minister Kenny Johnson) - This ministry serves in a capacity that enables us to provide our television ministry as well as provide top-notch sound quality during our services. It is because of the dedication of the youth and adults who work in this ministry that we are able to provide a quality audio and video presentation.

Ushers / Greeters (Sis. Charlsetta Broxton) - This ministry serves to provide a spirit of excellence in making sure that both our members and visitors feel welcome when they attend our services. They strive to maintain a proper seating order which enables us to not have to separate families when they attend our church.

Mother's Board - This ministry provides the guidance and nurturing that is so often needed in all churches. Our Mother's Board consists of women who serve to provide wisdom, knowledge, care, and sometimes just a listening ear to all of our members regardless of their age or gender.

Praise & Worship Team (Sis. Judy Blackshear) - As an integral part of our ministry, the praise and worship team do more than simply sing. They serve to usher the people into the presence of God and minister life, strength, and healing to the souls as they sing songs that give glory to God.