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Welcome To Holy Living Christian Center
Bishop Carlos Lennon
Bishop Carlos Lennon is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Holy Living Christian Center which is affectionately known as “HLCC” among the members of the congregation.
Bishop Lennon was born in Washington, DC and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After graduating high school he joined the United States Army and served for four years. Little did he know then that God was positioning him in the city of Savannah, Georgia for a time such as this.
In May of 1991 he married his wife, Pastor Pamela Lennon. Out of this union were birthed two children, Carmella and Joshua. In May of 2006 they renewed their vows and celebrated 15 years of marriage. What seemed to be an early year to renew marriage vows turned out to a ministering tool for all who witnessed the occasion.
Bishop Lennon was called to the gospel ministry and preached his first message on September 30, 1995. He functioned in various positions to include minister of music, youth minister, and young adult minister. He was called to pastor in January of 2002. On January 5, 2003 the vision to birth a church was realized. On October 18, 2008 he was fully consecrated to the office of Bishop. He is currently pursuing his Masters of Arts in Theology degree.
Bishop Lennon is a man of integrity and character. He has boldness when he hears the voice of God to step out and do what has never been done. He is a man of God who constantly challenges the people of God to not settle for failure. Although he is known to tell it like it is, he is also known to have a heart for the people of God. His favorite expression is saying “if I didn’t love you I wouldn’t tell you the truth”. Those that have been blessed by the word of the Lord coming forth from him have found this to be true.