Word for the week

Welcome again to this week's word for the week. Let's get straight to the point this week as it's another one of topics you need to dwell on later. We can pray that God will give us the desires of our hearts. We can pray for an expected end. We can pray that we see the hand of God in our circumstance. The one thing we need to realize it that God may work in various ways to get us there. More than often, that's the part that confuses us.

Let's take a quick reflection on Moses. God used him in various ways and at various times. At one point he threw down a rod and it became a serpent. He later picked up that same serpent and it became a rod again. In some ways that can be viewed as God working in a pattern. However, we see two other instances when the people were thirsty in the wilderness. The first time God told Moses to strike the rock and water came out. The second time He told Moses to speak to the rock but Moses struck the rock again. That very act caused Moses to not enter in to the promised land. Let's go further here.

The circumstances were the same. The people were thirsty while in the wilderness. The plan of God is what varied. While He told Moses to strike the rock the first time He also clearly told Moses to simply speak to the rock the second time. The problem is simple. We get so used to either a pattern of God or doing it the same way as before until we forget we must follow Him in each and step we take. Just because we went one way yesterday does not mean that's the same way we will be going tomorrow.

The outcome could've been the same even though a different method was used. Many times the various ways are intended to show us we must pray and trust God in each situation. We cannot rely on what happened before. We must depend on Him for our fresh manna. Moses went through a lot of things only to end being able to only see the land but not walk in it. There was a lot of himself that he gave up and all he had to do was continue to trust God in the new method.

What went wrong one may ask? Moses allowed his frustration to cloud his obedience. We don't have anything on this journey figured out. We need to pray daily, seek God daily, and follow His will daily. There are no days off on this journey. So many times people get so close and end up so far away. They are right there at the door of promise and end up missing it over the simple things. Obedience is not difficult once you see yourself as not having a choice when it comes to God's will. Your only choice should be yes to Him. Once you allow debate to enter into your spirit you have also allowed the flesh to take over your choices.

l sincerely pray that this week's word will not simply compel but actually push someone into doing exactly what God says. Too many people only get to glimpse at what God had in store for them. Too many people put in all the effort to get there only to not be able to walk in what God had planned for them. Joshua ended up walking in the promise that was intended for Moses. It's impossible to upset when we miss it and someone else makes the choice to do it God's way and ends up with what was for us. 

This week is simple. Get what is in store for you and rightfully yours by making the choice to obey God completely. This is not the season of debate or asking why. This is the season of not only saying yes to God but also standing in expectation of His will. There needs to be a willingness on your part if you plan on eating the good of the land. There's a real reason Jesus said the harvest is plentiful but those that labor are few. The body of Christ truly needs more people who are willing to do it God's way in order to see His will perfected in their lives. Don't miss out on what's for you because you are stuck in doing things your way. It's time to walk in the promise and not simply talk about it being on the way.

May the Lord continue to bless and keep you in His grace,

Bishop Carlos J. Lennon