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Word for the week

Welcome again to this week's word for the week. It's better to be prepared for trouble that may never come than to be unprepared for it when it does. When you are proactive it helps cut down on the times you need to be reactive. There's an old song that says there's a storm out on the ocean and it's moving this way. It goes on to say that if your soul is not anchored you will surely drift away. Let's take away the singing and consider the words alone. Are they both true and powerful? Yes, they are!

We've been down this road many times but let's look at it from a different perspective this week. Being prepared is not the problem all by itself. Part of the problem is that most things you are not prepared for are the very things that have cost you in the past. In other words, what lessons have you learned before that will help you right now? Again, we have covered this so let's move a bit further with that in mind.

My failures are a result of not heeding to past lessons. There is nothing else to blame and I'm pretty sure someone may want to argue that. You know I'm going somewhere so hold your thought. If you would've taken heed to the multitude of previous lessons you may have succeeded. We have a simple problem. We do not consider all of our past lessons. We only look at the ones we feel are relevant for where we are. The reality is that our lessons are a sum total which simply means it is a combination of all things.

If you made poor financial choices in your life, which most people reading this have, it can be hard to see how those lessons can benefit you outside of financial matters but they really can. Some of the root causes for financial heartache are overspending, not budgeting properly, not being honest about your financial position, or not tithing just to name a few. The underlying spirits in operation are lust, greed, selfishness, and a host of others. They all point back to being consumed by self. 

If you take a look at some of your problems right now here's a serious question you need to ask yourself. Is the same spirit in operation but with a different mask? When we do not deal with something in one area it has the potential to affect us in other areas. What starts out as one thing begins to transfer into multiple things. If you refuse to deal with say the spirit of lust it will do more than just be limited to men, women, or whatever it is you lust after. It will begin to affect you in areas that you never had to deal with. Many people find themselves in something new wondering how they got there but the reality is there is a spirit in operation that has been allowed to operate unchecked. 

It's up to you to go to God and ask what are the past things that are still lurking around right now. You have to ask what didn't you deal with before that is now dealing with you. That question is not answered if you never ask it or pretend it does not exist. That is answered when you dare to be honest with God and yourself. Only then can you truly be set free. I declare it is your season to finally be free but only you can do your part to allow God to do His part. You can't expect a change if you're not willing to change yourself. If you want something different you're going to have to do things different. Give that some thought this week.

May the Lord continue to bless and keep you in His grace,

Bishop Carlos J. Lennon