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Word for the week

Welcome again to this week's word for the week. God is merciful, patient, full of grace, loving, forgiving, kind, long-suffering, understanding, and a host of other things. The things He goes through to give us another chance are quite astonishing if we be honest. I always say that God truly does His part and makes a provision when needed. It’s just up to us to tap into the things He has prepared for us when we need them. If a full glass of clean water is sitting in front of you there is no reason for you to be thirsty. Give that some thought.

Again, we will not need to be long here this week. Just some food for thought. There is a way of escape already laid out for us. We just need to take advantage of it when needed. That’s not the real point by itself this week though. The real point is not what is front of you but rather why we don’t use those things God has provided us in our times of need? I’ve come to the understanding a long time ago that it is not our perfection God is looking for. He is looking for us to accept the perfection that is found in His Son, Jesus Christ. He made the way for us, not us making the way for Him.

We have so many questions in life and yet all of the answers are found in the Bible. The question is do we read it when we need it? We struggle to forgive others even though we know we must forgive others so that we may be forgiven. Jesus forgave His accusers while He was on the cross. Has anyone in our life ever done the things to us as they did to Jesus? The answer is no and yet we struggle to forgive. Or do we? We bring up the word principle a lot. It is the principle of this or the principle of that. What about the principle of not living by God’s word?

There is a point here this week and that point is that we take advantage of the many ways of escape God has provided us. Don’t allow yourself to be tied down by what someone else did to you. The weapon was formed but it didn’t prosper. You may say what about those times when it seems it prospered? I say that there are times when the only way we will do something different is for something drastic to first happen. In other words, you would’ve never moved on to the dream job if something didn’t happen at the last one. We don’t know the doors that are waiting for us until we are sometimes forced to do something different. Hang in there with me.

One of our greatest struggles on this journey is not always knowing what God is up to in our lives. What if I challenge you to stop looking at your life as yours and instead see yourself as a vessel for God? How much would that change your thinking if you knew that He was up to something far greater than your imagination? How much would it change your thinking if you could realize that He chose you for His glory? He saw something unique in you that would be useful in bringing about change. Would that knowledge alone cause you to cease your complaints?

We are more than conquerors. It’s time to live like that though. Too many Christians go about with a broken and defeated attitude. If things don’t happen quickly they quit. If it hurts too much they quit. If it costs too much they quit. If it requires too much effort they quit. If they have to pray and wait they would just rather go without. Let me leave you with the real point this week. You will never have peace when in your own mind you are aware you quit without giving it your all. That will bother you more than you can imagine. You will only find peace in yourself when you know you’ve done all you could and now you are standing still waiting for the salvation of the Lord. If you haven’t stood strong it will bother you so be at peace knowing you decided not to quit and trust God!

May the Lord continue to bless and keep you in His grace,

Bishop Carlos J. Lennon