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Word for the week

Welcome again to this week's word for the week. If I tell you that the next great thing God wants to do in your life will not involve your input at all what would you say? If He says He will not even give you a clue or a glimpse of what's on the way would you still be excited just knowing that something is actually on the way? These may seem like trick questions to some of you but to others it is not. While some will be in expectation for whatever God has in store there are those who literally have to know the details or they will pass.

Eyes have not seen nor ears have heard the "things" that God has in store for them that love Him. The word "things" is purposely put in italics for a reason. There are many things God wants to do. The question is do you have the kind of life that will allow Him to do those things? I'm not simply talking about living a life that's pleasing to God. You can not practice sin and still be rebellious because you won't submit. The real question is can you really handle what God wants to do for you?

Many will look at what I've said so far, pause and look again, and then look one more time to make sure there's no typos or if I said something the wrong way. The reality is many blessings are left on the table because far too many people won't accept the package if they don't know what it is. How much have you really missed over the years in your life with God because you said no to His yes? Read that again. How many times have "you" said no to "His" yes? Let's go further.

I sincerely pray this week's word will help you so here we go. There are things God has in store for you that are far beyond what you asked for. It's like there's a platform that has ten levels to it. The top level has the best treasures but many don't want to climb that high. They will look at the first floor and say something is better than nothing and call it a day. I need to remind you of something. We can't continue to do cartwheels in church when we hear that the best is on the way and then run away from it when it arrives. 

Saying no to what God has for you just because you were unaware it was on the way is not an excuse. This journey is not about us being in control. It's all about God. We submit and surrender to Him and follow along on a pathway that many times we have no clue as to where it leads. Wherever He says go we are to simply follow Him. It's not a blind journey at all. It's called assurance. It means it's taken care of without your input or help. In other words it's already done! So, do you want what you can only see on level one or will you dare to climb to the top to get the best that's in store for you?

May the Lord continue to bless and keep you in His grace,

Bishop Carlos J. Lennon