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Word for the week

Welcome again to this week's word for the week. You can go as far as you can believe on this journey with God. The hold up is not any obstacle or circumstance you find yourself in. It will always come down to how much do you believe God. In order to believe God you must first be sure that you have heard a clear and direct word from Him. This is not the season to think you heard or to think what you think you are being led to do. This is the season to be absolutely sure.

The enemy will aways use doubt against us in any way possible. It is not his job to sit back and watch you run free without a challenge. When you find yourself in opposition to things you need to know that is how it is sometimes supposed to be. Again, it comes down to how much do you believe God in those moments. This is why a clear word from God is so important. What do you have to stand on in you are not sure? How do you move forward in the confidence of the Lord if you are not sure? It is not that God does not have things in store for you. It is that you will need to know His voice along the way and be sure you know when it is Him speaking or not.

Not a person reading this does not want to see things come to pass in their life that God has promised. But do you believe God when it doesn't look like it will happen? Do you believe God when it doesn't feel good? Do you believe God when there are so many reasons to give up? The facts are not deniable. It may be a fact that you are sick or that you are in financial distress. But truth says you are healed by the stripes of Christ and that our God shall supply all of our needs. The facts do not outweigh the truth. They simply state the natural. However, the truth is what shall set you free no matter what it looks like!

The point this week is for you to spend time just listening to God concerning the things you are waiting for. That's right, you need to simply listen. You need to be sure of what He has in store for you and you definitely need to be sure of what direction you are to take. You don't have time to waste. Many of you reading this are actually trying to recover the years that the cankerworm and locust have taken from you. This is when you need a real sit down with Jesus to be sure. One thing is for certain, you do not want to take the wrong turn after all you have been through and when you are so close to seeing what God said. Give that some thought.

May the Lord continue to bless and keep you in His grace,

Bishop Carlos J. Lennon