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Welcome To Holy Living Christian Center
Welcome to Holy Living Christian Center!



We are excited to have you visit us on the web. If you are ever in the Savannah, Georgia area we would love for you to visit one of our services. We promise it will be an experience you will enjoy as you will find there is a word from the Lord that will richly bless your soul. We encourage you to take some time and browse our website. Our Word for the week is updated every Monday from our very own Bishop Carlos Lennon. Be blessed!

No In-Person Services Until Further Notice 9-5-21

We have to halt our in-person services until further notice. This is for the safety and well being of all of our members and visitors. While we are not at the capacity limit we have had a few Sundays where we were close. It is truly an exciting time to fellowship together but in these current times we must do so with precaution and safety in mind. Please check back often as we will be posting our expected return as soon as we safely can.

All future videos will be on our YouTube and Facebook Pages

Moving forward we will post all of our videos on our YouTube and Facebook pages. Our YouTube page is HLCC Online and FaceBook is Holy Living Christian Center. The videos posted here are actually simply a link to our YouTube page so this means it's easier to just go there. Keep in mind that our YouTube channel has a delay on our Sunday broadcast once it's finished. Sometimes clicking the dropdown link lets you view the livestreams and you won't have to wait. While many are uncomfortable with using FaceBook keep in mind you don't have to post anything or accept any invites. You can simply join and get the notification when the videos are up. The choice is yours so by all means take the route you're most comfortable with as there are options available.



HLCC Online Tab

Greetings everyone. In an effort to keep the home page clean we now have a new tab that will have our old videos. The tab is called HLCC Online. It will mirror our YouTube and FaceBook pages moving forward. Thanks for watching us!

Check out our Facebook Page!!

We would love for you to follow us on our FaceBook page. We are working to get it up and running the way we would truly like in order to provide you with another way to connect with us. Look for us under our church name, Holy Living Christian Center.

New and Improved Covenant Circle

Interested in becoming a partner with Bishop and Pastor Lennon? Join with us in Covenant Circle! We have many new things we will be doing and we would love for you to be a part of it. Send an email to covenantcircle@comcast.net with your name and a link will be sent to you to get started. It's that simple for something that is so powerful and enhancing in your life!

Calendar Info

You may click on our Calendar link to check for various services we may be having at our church as well as speaking engagements & locations for Bishop Carlos Lennon and Pastor Pamela Lennon. To see more info for a particular date click on the link on the specific date and it will give you more information.