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diagnosed with breast cancer
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Dec 14, 2010
5:32 AM
Now faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.My name is sis sylvia in 2003 i was diagnosed with breast cancer.I found a lump in my breast during my monthly breast exam.Yes i was very scared and i wanted to at as if it wasn't there.So i called the va and told them and they said to me we don't have any appointment's until oct this was aug.I stated i found a lump in my breast.So i still had to wait until oct to get an appointment to go get a mamogram.They were honest with me and told me they saw the lump and they were sending me to the va in seattle washington.I was still living in fairbanks alaska at the time.I had retired from ft. wainwright alaska and made fairbanks my home.The doctor i saw on ft. wainwright was active duty and he just said to me your test shows that you have cancer and what do you have to say he said in three weeks you would have been dead.I said i don't have anything to say so i left and went to my moms house and told her and we cried together, then i went home and tried to prepare myself.So i waited for my appointment to go to seattle washington to fred hudgson cancer care center they were gonna perform my surgery for the va the tumor was already the size of an egg.I had a team of twelve doctors and they told me they believed they could get it all. Of course my faith was only in jesus and i knew he was going to heal me and use me for his purpose thank you jesus for loving me so much.

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