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Getting up after a fall
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Nov 16, 2012
8:57 AM
Almost a year to the date that this was originally posted, I find myself in this situation. I thought I was okay and had enough faith and strength to withstand anything. In my heart, I knew I loved the Lord. I felt that I was finally giving back consistently enough to appease the debt I owe Him. Today, my crushed heart reminds me that I am far from being strong enough to withstand anything. I don’t know what is harder to do. Getting up and starting again or looking at how much you have lost and have to redo. This is nothing in comparison to the pain and hurt that I caused Him. Months later after it all began; I am still crying and still crying out for Him to take me back. To where I first believed and knew I was connected to Him. I feel so empty and so drained from everything. I need Him. It hurts so badly for so many reasons. It wasn’t worth it and it doesn’t touch the relationship I had with GOD. I want to testify to anyone who believes that one time won’t hurt. Trust me when I tell you… it hurts! Boy doest it hurt! Don’t do it regardless of what you may think, you will realize like I have, it’s not worth it and you won’t believe how much it takes out of you. I am at my crossroads and there are things that MUST change. Lord help me!

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Dec 24, 2012
8:27 AM
I don't know what your situation is but you must remember, you can not do anything on your own. Jesus is the one who can help you. You must have the faith to access the Grace of God, it is the Grace of God, that will help you get out of that situation. You must not focus on the situation but focus on Jesus Christ. Talk to him, tell him the situation, be honest with him, be truthful, talk to him like you talk to people face to face, speak from the heart, he will hear you. You must trust and believe your situation has already been handled and confess that every single day, you must also have corresponding actions to go with the confessing. When I say corresponding actions, the Holy Spirit will lead you, guide you and direct you in what to do and how to continue.

Yes, we all fall, but that is just the trick of the enemy to to make you think you are not worthy of God's Love, yes you are! God gave his only son Jesus Christ for us so that we could have freedom. When Jesus Christ died on the cross for us he bore all our pains, all our sins, all our diseases. All of that was nailed to the cross and sin has no dominion over use, Satan has no power over us either because of what Jesus Christ did. We must realize the trick of the enemy, we must learn how to apply the Word of God to every situation we face.

God has never left you, he is still there, he is waiting on you to call on him. Stop beating up yourself and know that God loves you and he desperately want to renew the relationship you had with him, just trust, believe, and receive. Get down on your knees and pray. Talk to Jesus, tell him you are hurting, tell him how you feel and he will talk to the Father on your behalf.

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