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Understanding the Bible for new converts
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Oct 31, 2011
6:27 PM
I am not a new convert but I am still reading and studying the bible. In the beginning, I used to read from Genesis to Revelations and that's all I was doing reading. I was reading the bible like it was a novel. I now understand that the Bible is not just a book, it is the way we must live as christians. Before I read a verse or chapters, I pray and ask God to give me an understanding of what I am reading. I need to understand because I have to live it so that I may tell others. I have been reading different scriptures that I've read before and what a revelation. It seems as if I am reading it for the first time. For example, when I was reading the book of Daniel, I truly understand why he was thrown in the lion's den. All before I never read it and actually listened to other christians speak about Daniel in the lion's den. I truly understand, it is so important for christians to read the word for yourself and not just take the word of another christian. You must develop that personal time to read and also have your references. I use the KVJ, the NIV, the commentary, the Amplified version and now sometimes the Message. Sometimes when I don't want to use the books, I go on the computer I have a website I can go to to different bibles at the same time. Thank you God for understanding.

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