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Unanswered prayers
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Jun 08, 2010
7:11 AM
All of us have been here. We've prayed and prayed and it seems like nothing has happened. You wonder if you're praying the right way. You wonder if you're living right and you even wonder if God hears you anymore. There are not many things that can compare to feeling like you're in a dark room asking for help and there is no help. Sound like you right now? More than likely or you wouldn't be reading this so let me help to shed some light.

When you pray you've got to have the confidence to know that God hears you. Yes, you must be living right but I've learned something about that too. Many times a person can be living right and their unanswered prayers can make them wonder if they have something wrong about them.

Here's the reality. God does here you but there can be many reasons why you have not heard. Sometimes we are not ready for the answer. While you can have the final plate prepared there is no need for it to be right beside you while you are gathering the ingredients together for the cake. You haven't even baked it yet and it will simply be something else in your way.

Many times that is why the answer hasn't been spoken. If you get the answer before the process it will cause you to lose focus during the process.
If you are a parent you can relate to this. Do you always answer right then and there every time your child asks you something? Sometimes they have more to learn in order to understand. Sometimes it will take them off course if they know right now. Sometimes you know they are simply talking out of the moment and by tomorrow it will be something totally different. Sometimes you just want to outright surprise them. Regardless of why you may not answer at that moment there is no doubt that you heard them. Guess what? God has heard you too!

There have been times when I've learned that God didn't speak because I was unsure. It was like He was telling me to make up my mind on what I wanted first. There are times when I take my son to get shoes. I give him the choice of whatever he may want and it seems like he can't make up his mind. I'm standing there willing to pay for whatever but the hold up is him not being able to decide what he wants. Can you be honest enough to say that sometimes you have been undecided in what you really want even though God is waiting to bless you?

Furthermore, there are times when your answer is on the way though it hasn't arrived yet. You remember the story of how Daniel prayed but had to wait 21 days for the answer. When the angel did arrive with the answer the first thing he told Daniel was that God had heard him when he first made the request. The hold up was that the angel had to fight a territorial demon before he could get to Daniel.

Let's be very clear here. No territorial demon would stand in your way unless what was coming to you was really God's will. Though the devil knows he is fighting a losing battle it doesn't discourage him for putting up a fight. He doesn't simply lay down just because he knows he's going to lose. Your answer is on the way but you already know there are obstacles to it.

Just look around where you live. If homosexuality is the territorial spirit and you're praying about a heterosexual or straight marriage then know there will be a delay on the answer. The enemy knows that a straight marriage furthers God's plan so he's going to cause a hindrance to that answer being delivered to you.

In closing, an unanswered prayer is not a denied request. It may even be a case of God wanting to see how much you really want what you're asking for. Your willingness to fight to the end may be getting tested. It is a building block for your life not the end of hope for you. Sometimes we are simply to busy to hear. Elijah saw the wind and the fire but he heard the still small voice. Is your life quiet enough to hear that still small voice? You will never hear it until you learn to be quiet and listen.

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