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A rebellious child
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Jun 08, 2010
6:43 AM
We all know the scripture that says train up a child in the way they should go and when they grow older they will not depart from the faith. What do you do when they do depart from the very things you've taught them? What happens when they depart from the faith before they even grow older? Yes, these things do happen and it happens to people of great faith. You're not exempt from trouble just because you walk upright.

Consider very carefully what I say here. There is no testing where a blessing has not been pronounced. The devil does not waste time fighting causes that do not exist. You may have done everything right with your child and they still take a path that keeps you up all night. What you have to consider is what does God have for that child. Then you have to know that the devil is going to try everything to pervert that promise and make your child be found to be unworthy.

We live in a society that has much negativity to offer children. Everyday they walk out that door, rather it's to go to school or simply play with their friends, there is a trap waiting. You cannot simply hide them from everything or they will never learn to fight temptation. Sometimes the root cause is not anything external. Sometimes they are fighting a generational struggle. How were you as a child? Were you rebellious? Were you sneaky? Did you eventually turn to God? Was it a struggle to undo those ways? Do you still struggle with them? Are they the very things that make your journey so difficult? Are you still on the path for God?

Prayer is your key. I'm not talking about anything long and drawn out. Sometimes you simply need to commit that child's life into the hands of God. Keep them lifted up before God every time you think about them. God is raising up a Joshua generation. They are not simply going to see the promised land. They are going to enter it and possess the land. That rebellious child is being attacked. It's not a natural attack and most of the times they don't know why they do what they do. Why do you think when you ask they keep saying "I don't know"?

Seek God that you may know His will for your child. Don't give up on them. Rebellion is usually a sign of an unknown struggle taking place. Just like you don't tell everything you go through neither do they. We have to pray like never before. Many of us are who we are today because somebody prayed every time we crossed their mind. They saw our natural trouble but they also saw our spiritual promise. Ask God to show you your child's promise and then to seal that promise in you.

I will use one story in closing. Joseph was not rebellious but consider the ending. When Joseph told his parents and brothers his dreams his brothers got mad. However, the scripture says that Jacob pondered or considered what he was saying. In short, he locked it in the back of his mind. Now Joseph went through many things he was unaware of because Jacob thought he was dead. Guess what? God had Joseph and was keeping him alive despite his circumstances. Do you think Jacob thought about those dreams when he saw Joseph again? You can be sure he did. You also can know that at that moment Jacob knew God doesn't lie. What He said your child will be is what they will become!

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