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Don't give up on God
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Jun 08, 2010
6:17 AM
Let's face it. Walking this saved journey can be downright overwhelming at times. There are times when you simply want to give up. If you don't go to that extreme then you at least want to ease back or take a break sometimes. A lot of our frustration is due to us not knowing what God is up in our lives. Many times He works things behind the scenes and we are totally clueless. While it's easy to simply tell someone to believe, sometimes we do want to see some "evidence" on what is taking place on our behalf.

I simply want to encourage you to never give up. Usually, the most difficult time in a trial is at the end of it. It seems you are the only one who doesn't know it's about to be over. The devil seems to bring everything but the kitchen sink to the fight. You're wondering how much worse can this be? How much longer will it last? How much more can I take?

Be encouraged and always know that God will never give you more than what you can handle. Anything you are faced with, there is something in you that can handle it. Many times it is God's way of moving you to that next level you've been praying about. There is always a testing before a blessing so do not lose hope. You are closer than what you can imagine.

Never forget the story of Abraham. It was 25 years that had passed since God promised he and his wife a child. They had Ishmael and they had long given up on anything else. They both felt they were too old and guess what happened then? The very thing God promised He made come to pass! Let that be encouragement for you that God has not forgot about you. It is just a matter of Him doing things on His time. Does that always fit our time? No. Is it always on time? Yes.

Hold on and don't let go. You've come to far to quit now. Though the tunnel seems like it's been dark forever the light of day is coming your way. For all you know you are about to take your very last step in this trial. Your trouble today will one day become a testimony of how you got over. Don't give up on God because He won't give up on you. He's more than able!

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