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Where My Faith Is
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Aug 14, 2011
3:16 PM
As everyone who has a walk with GOD experiences,trials can make you or break you. The sermon I heard today blessed me. I never considered that my sickness, my trials, and my tribulations are not just thorns in my side, but they are reasons that keep me NEEDING my walk with GOD. I recall crying out for healing and wanting GOD to reveal that he has heard my cries by doing that. Today I have a renewed faith. Today I have a "his grace is sufficient" faith. I can stay on this course and strengthen my walk with GOD until one or two things happens. One he heals me in which he get all the glory and evidence is there for the ones who need to see a miracle. Or two, he never heals me and I enter heaven made whole and as a spiritual miracle giving him ALL the praises anyway. Either way I am already victorious! That is enough to keep me holding on...that is where my faith is! Thank You Jesus!

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