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Prayer Still Works
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Jul 03, 2011
7:39 PM
I have a love one who lived contrary to what we knew was godly. Although my love for this person was ever strong, it was not enough to convince them to change. I realized that I had to stop trying to tell them and instead move out of the way and go to GOD. I prayed continously. There were times that I thought that I was praying in vain. There was times I thought that they would never change and that I was wasting my time. However, constantly, I was reminded that someone prayed for me when I was in the same situation. Someone did not give up on me. I continued to pray. I am thankful and I give GOD all the glory. Today, that love one in out of the lifestyle and rededicated to GOD. I am here to tell you PRAYER STILL WORKS. Keep praying! GOD is still alive and still answering prayers!
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Jun 18, 2012
5:30 AM
I know that prayer works. I am praying that my 3 children would rededicate themselves back to the Lord where they once were. They were raised in the Lord"s house but after becomng adults and on their own they have gone astray. I am praying daily for them
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Jul 09, 2012
4:57 PM
Just know that prayer does work, when you pray just believe and know that whatever you prayed for has already been done in God's finished work. It has already been worked out in the spirit, you just have not seen it yet in the natural. You must thank God everyday that your 3 children came back to God and watch what will happen. That seed has already been planted in your children, they may stray from it but they will come back. Be strong in the Lord and know that it is done!

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