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How do u stay strong with a troubled child
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Apr 19, 2010
2:39 PM
My son is 14yrs old in da 7th grade not looking to good for him.I cry i pray n ask God to help me help him,but how do you help someone that really don't care.Sometimes i fault myself for the way he is i look back and honestly see myself the way i use to be to my parents.I ask God what im to do because im at that breaking point where really i can't an want take anymore.Its really bad when your ready to wash your hand on your own child.I ask for him to tell me what i need to do,its like o my God what is going on.Really i think about everything ive done to break Gods heart he still haven't given up on me.But its hard and stressful i try to stay strong and believe everything will work out for the best,honestly i dont know what to do anymore.{LORD KEEP ME STRONG KEEP MY MIND SANE KEEP ME N A RIGHTGEOUS PLACE}

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Apr 25, 2010
7:02 PM

My heart goes out to you. I know it is very difficult when it is your child. I think that it is important to understand that opposition arises in our lives when we are constantly seeking Gods face. This is a test of faith. One of the greatest gifts that we are allowed to have is faith. Always pray for direction and continue to pray until you hear from God. If you are burdened and heavy laden, it will be hard to hear from God. When you sincerely believe that God can and will change the situation give it to Him and allow Him to handle it.

Lord I pray that you help this family strongly resist the plans of the enemy. Keep them from ever playing into his hand and unwittingly helping him achieve his goal. Help them to be vigilant in prayer so that he can not devour the 14 year old. Help them to realize that there are many other that face the same opposition and You have brought them out.

A prayer for you: Lord I pour out my heart before You just as Your Words says to do. I trust in You, You are my refuge. Thank You Lord for You hear my prayers and will answer. I release the burden of all the diffucult things that are on my heart into Your hands knowing that You are the only One who can lift it off and carry it for me. Help me to refuse to try to carry the burden of the situations that I have given to you. In your mighty and precious name I pray. Amen

Psalms 62:8 Trust in Him at all times, pour out your heart before Him, God is a refuge for us.

Pray and ask God to place someone in the pathway that can be a mentor and change your son's life for the good.
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Jul 14, 2010
11:18 PM
I have read your post over and over for the past 3 months. I wanted to comment but didnt because I am going thru the exact same thing and have no answers. My son is 14 and in the 6th grade. He is really struggling with peer pressure and his feelings about his BIO dad not being around and he doesn't know how to handle them. He was just released from YDC after being there for 2 months and has been there before a few times but not as long as his last "stint".

I have wanted to give up on him because it seemed as though he didn't care, listen, etc... It has taken all my strength to stay strong for him but still care for my other children and husband. But I am glad to say he is doing better. I pray everyday that he continues to improve despite his emoitional, depression, and issues with his dad. Alot of times he just needs to express himself but doesn't know how. He loves video games (which has been his downfall because he would steal to get them). So his step-dad told him to come up with his own game ideas instead. While in juvenile he did just that and I see a big change in him. I am so proud of him because he really have thought about his ideas, researched, and is in the process of making a prototype :).

So all I can say is don't give up. Children today have alot of negative influences around them. And it can be hard to do right when you are surrounded by it. So I just try to be there and listen and see things from his POV before I comment. He and I talk, instead of me yelling and not listening. And just by my listening to him we have become alot closer. He is not like alot of kids his age as far as his interests and he doesn't have many friends because of this. So I just listen to his thoughts and don't automatically dismiss his feelings because he is a child. I know its hard but you can't give up. It takes some longer than others to come around. I had to realize that just as I struggle, he struggles. So I tell him to pray and when he needs to talk, talk to GOD.

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