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What do you hope God changes about you?
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Jan 04, 2010
5:36 AM
Yes, it is a tough question only because it requires honesty. While we may be quite happy with ourselves there are things about us that we wish God would change. Maybe it is your temper, your patience level, your struggle to stay focused on Him, your prayer life, your understanding of His Word, or something else. We are going to lift these desires up to the Lord on your behalf in prayer.
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Jan 04, 2010
11:47 AM
I pray God help me to be more self controlled. Teach me to pray before I act or speak. Help me to study more of your word. I want to study more in my own home, without it feeling like a competition.
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Jan 04, 2010
6:38 PM
It is my prayer that God changes whatever He sees in me that needs to change. Often times we get so comfortable and complacent with ourselves that we fail to see some of the imperfections that hinder our purpose. This is the Year of Purification! Hallelujah!
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Jan 10, 2010
8:19 PM
I want GOD to change my fear in failing GOD. I beleive that because I don't want to fail GOD that I try too hard or will not try at all. Because of this fear of failing him I have missed out on opportunities that GOD has for me. I want to be able to trust GOD more and in doing so I will know that if I fail that it may not be a failure in GOD's eye.
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Aug 31, 2010
4:50 PM
I want to be dedicated to GOD I have fallen short in my Faith since I have returned back to my home town.I need help with patience and understanding.I need help with my prayer life and to stay focused on Him.

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