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8-6-19 Bible Study Lesson

Welcome to our online Bible study. Ok, I wrestled with doing the bible study this way versus by video but I decided this would be the best way to ensure there's no internet problems that would hinder the upload. So, take a moment to pray and ask God to allow you to focus before you read this. No, it won't be long but you should always pray before studying the word of God as you never know what revelation may come out of your studies. Let's get started here.


All of us go through struggles. It doesn't matter who you are or how long you've been saved. We can all be sure there will be trials and tribulations. There's another thing we need to remember in the midst of what we go through. While there are many afflictions that the righteous go through we need to always remember that the Lord will deliver us from them all. That can lost as we go through various struggles but it's something we need to bring back to the forefront of our daily lives. It doesn't matter what we face, we can be sure that the Lord will deliver us.


If you were tasked to hinder you what would your strategy be? I ask that question because those are some the basic things the enemy does when he attempts to frustrate us. He uses us against us. He takes our weakness and puts those in front of us. He allows things to appear to be bigger than what they are. He makes us think that we've been going through something forever when in reality it may only be one day. He makes it seem as if there's no hope when there's plenty of other options we have not tapped into. These are simply strategies but they are effective. The question is why?


We have to be honest here if we plan on being healed and overcoming whatever we are going through. I'm going to ask a simple question here but it is up to you to be honest so that you can get back on track. Have you forget the promises of God for your life? Let's cut through the chase here. If God truly made you a promise then it is God Himself who is obligated to make it come to pass. If you haven't received your promises yet then you need to get in the mode of realizing what you see is just a setup. It's a setup to derail you and cause you to get off course. All it takes is frustration and it becomes easy to lose focus. When you can no longer see the pathway you're on it is also the point you can no longer be sure you're going the right way.


There used to be a time when people would remind themselves that God is not done with them. That's what the bible calls encouraging yourself. Do you know how to do that? Do you get so caught up in what's going on at the moment until you literally stop reminding yourself this is just a test? Do you stop reminding yourself that there must be a blessing at the end of this testing? These are not questions that are answered in front of a crowd. These are things that are settled when there's no one else but you and God. These are things you don't prove to people. These are things you show God how serious you are.


I want to remind you that the bible tells us to think on these things. Those things that are lovely and of good report just to name a few of them on the list. We are to think on those things. So many times we are looking for God to remind us when He has already said for us to call Him at the remembrance of His word. No, it's not always easy. No, it doesn't always feel good. Yes, it hurts at times. Yes, you will wonder what's the use at times. Yes, you will wonder is God even listening at times. Yes, He will never leave you nor forsake you. Yes, He still hears the cries of the righteous. Yes, He's still the Sovereign God and there is none other like Him.


I want to say something here before we go further. You control what you believe. You control how you think. Outside circumstances can only challenge you. They cannot change you. Your faith is not hinged upon how good everything is going for you. Your mind shouldn't be subject to what's going on around you. You should never allow your mind to get to a point where you cannot control what it thinks. There's nothing stopping you from praying in the midst of your storm. There's nothing stopping you from still believing that God can do whatever. Your mind goes where you allow it to go. You can choose to have the mind of Christ or you can choose to let the god of this world blind your mind. What's your choice?


Take a moment and reflect on something so far. Not one time have I said it would be easy. I never said it would be easy. I'll say right now though that all things are possible if you'll only believe. Yes Lord!! If you go to the gym you will not see any results without resistance of some sort. For you to see a physical change to yourself there must be something pushing against you that you decide to push back against even harder. There's nothing different in the spirit. If you're willing so is the spirit. The spirit is willing. It's the flesh that's weak.


You can't expect to win your way or on your terms. God never promised you victory doing things your way. He said if we trust Him then He's faithful. When we call Him then He hears us. I hope to really help someone here. You can get up and win. You can and should be ready to fight back and overcome. You can call God at His word and watch Him move in ways that are beyond what you thought. You can also moan, complain, keep on asking why you, look around and compare yourself to others who may be worse off than you but can hide it, wonder if God still cares about you, and think about any other negative thing your mind can imagine. The choice is yours so what's your choice?


Many of you reading this may already be at the point by now that you realize you are not giving up. There are times in your life when you need to realize that failure truly is not an option. How does God have so many promises of victory for us if losing is the only option? Why would He say all things are possible if they're not? Why would He say the battle is His if He expects us to fight them? I say this a lot and I'm going to say this again right now. God cannot take anything out of your hands that you decide you'd rather keep. He gives us a free will but then it's up to us to choose Him.


You can't have victory until you are fully submitted to God. Submitted means you have decided you're more interested in doing things His way instead of your own. It means you'd rather cry through the storm but see the promise rather than stand still and have nothing change. It means as much as it may hurt, you're willing to do whatever He tells you AND for as long as He tells you. One day of trouble, turmoil, storms, and chaos WITH God is far better than ten days of false peace WITHOUT God. At least in the midst of your troubles you can count on God to not leave you. 


Get back on track is the whole point this week. Many of you can write a book on being sidetracked. The question is can you write one on victory? Can you write a book of standing still and watching God? Can you write a book of trusting Him no matter what it looks like? Can you write a book on though He may slay you that you will still trust Him? Can you write a book on believing God when there's no hope to be seen and yet your spirit won't let you give up? Those are the books we need. We don't need another pity party. We need more praise parties. Strong armies are not strong because they have a lot of quitters. They're strong because no one believes in quitting. They're strong because the sense of belief in victory cannot be easily shaken. 


God can do anything but fail. Sometimes we cannot do anything except fail. God can be trusted to be there in the midst of troubles. Sometimes we are nowhere to be found when trouble shows up. Anybody can say won't He do it? How many actually believe that when it's them in the storm? Anyone can offer good encouragement for someone else. Can you encourage yourself if needed? If nobody else believes what God has told you the question is do you really believe? God doesn't want to see us lose. He has called us to peace. Even when it doesn't feel like it in your flesh you need to always have that be settled in your spirit. Again, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Let me leave you with a thought of encouragement that's familiar with all of us. Don't give up on God because He won't give up on you!


God Bless You,

Bishop C. Lennon