September 5, 2021 @ 11:19 PM

Welcome again to this week's word for the week. This week we need to reflect back to the year of 2020. What a year it turned out to be! I never thought that it would go the way it went but nothing ever just happens as you learn when walking with the Lord. Among other things going on in your daily life you also found yourself having to deal with a shutdown of sorts. Stores had strange hours, shelves were sometimes empty, and things we once took for granted as a part of daily life seemingly became a thing of the past. We did learn this thing called resilience or the ability to not give up and to bounce back.

One of the things we learned how to do as most churches did was how to continue having service online. It's not anywhere near the experience of physically being there but when you have no choice then you have to do what you must do. It's not the online service that we need to focus on. It is that we learned how to stay connected to God no matter what. This is really not something new though. People who have been confined to hospitals, nursing homes, and bed-ridden have been doing this for year. This time we all learned what that really means.

There is a point in your walk with God when it really must be a true relationship. It cannot be something that you only do around others. You don't get to gather together and have others nudge you or high-five you and tell you that you can make it. There are times when it is literally just you and God. When Moses wrestled with the angel of the Lord all night long the bible says he was left there alone first. When Jesus went to pray in the garden before His crucifixion the bible says He was left there alone. There is something powerful here so follow along.

Being left alone with God is actually an intimate moment. Let's be honest for a moment. There are things that God may need to say that you truly don't want others to hear. There may be things that need to be done and He does it in the privacy of just you and Him. So many times you see people seem to be afraid to be left alone with God but when you look in the bible you realize some of the most powerful things came out of that very experience. So the question this week is when is the last time you were truly left alone where it was just you and God? I mean that moment where there was nothing else going on except you and Him together. When is the last time, if ever, that happened to you? 

We want great things but without great effort. We want things that cost but we're not always willing to sacrifice what it takes. There is something the Lord kept having me say the entire time we could not meet in person and that was that everyone should be far better when we could meet again than they were before. You have to learn how to seize the moment. I see so many people who are so busy until they don't know how they're going to fit God into their schedule. When it gets like that it is simply time to let some things go. There is no way that one should not have enough time to spend with God on a daily basis.

I want to leave you with a few questions that will hopefully get you to understand the importance of what we're talking about this week. Do you truly know the things God has in store for you? If you blurt out yes then what are they? Are you sure that's it? What else does He have for you? What does He require from you? What is all of this setting you up for later on? Is this a stepping stone in your life or is this something that is here to stay? What are you supposed to do once it does happen? Are you clear on the instructions He has for you? As you look at these question you come to realize one important thing. It's not enough to say you're ready. You have to literally make time in order to be ready. Are you willing to put in the time with God not just for what He has in store for you but so you can have a true relationship with Him? Remember, to whom much is given much is required!

May the Lord continue to bless and keep you in His grace,

Bishop Carlos J. Lennon