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September 26, 2021 @ 11:23 PM

Welcome again to this week's word for the week. As we did last week, let's jump right into the heart of the matter for this week's word. What is your priority when it comes to the word of God? By that I mean how much time do you spend in His word? It is very important as always to be honest with yourself as it only helps you. If you need to really get started then do so. If you need to do better, then do so. Whatever you do though, do not allow yourself to rob yourself because you lack the word of God in your life.

Everything about your salvation is based on the word of God. This world in which we we live in was framed by the word of God. Faith comes by hearing the word of God. Our salvation is based on a fulfilled promise in ...

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September 19, 2021 @ 8:16 PM

Welcome again to this week's word for the week. From time to time the word for the week is not necessarily about something to tell you as much as it is something for you to search within yourself. This week is one of the weeks so let's get straight to the point. What are the things you need to deal with or face? This could even be things that God has told you to do that you haven't done. The reason could be a multitude of things and all of the things may not be in your control. That's fine. You just need to know what they all are first and foremost.

Now, the next point is what are the things on that list that you can control? Spoiler alert, they are not things that take a bunch of time to think about. The truth is you ...

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September 12, 2021 @ 11:24 PM

Welcome again to this week's word for the week. I'm always asked what do I think is the most important thing about something. It can range from faith, to love, or to just life in general. It is not a dumb question at all. To be honest, it is probably the question we should ask when we find ourselves in various situations. It really does matter in what is the most important thing. This week I want to narrow that question down a bit. This is not necessarily the most important thing all of the time but it is definitely something you will need in pretty much every thing you do. You need the ability to just wait.

There is no way to exercise self-control if you do not know how to wait. Waiting on God is not a crime. There are probably ...

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September 5, 2021 @ 11:19 PM

Welcome again to this week's word for the week. This week we need to reflect back to the year of 2020. What a year it turned out to be! I never thought that it would go the way it went but nothing ever just happens as you learn when walking with the Lord. Among other things going on in your daily life you also found yourself having to deal with a shutdown of sorts. Stores had strange hours, shelves were sometimes empty, and things we once took for granted as a part of daily life seemingly became a thing of the past. We did learn this thing called resilience or the ability to not give up and to bounce back.

One of the things we learned how to do as most churches did was how to continue having service online. It's not anywhere near ...

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