April 4, 2021 @ 10:26 PM

Welcome again to this week's word for the week. If Jesus were standing in front of you right now at this very moment and asked you what do you need to change in order to get into Heaven what would your answer be? To give the question clarity I'm talking about the decision to let you in at that very moment depends on the honesty of your answer, what would your answer be? Knowing that He already knows everything about you and knowing that whatever you say has an affect on your eternity, how much would that question get your attention?

We all know the answer to those questions. We would tell the truth no matter what we've said about anything in our past because we know that's the only hope we may have. These are not trick questions and the point is simple. If you can answer what you need to change with Jesus standing in front of you and the outcome determines your eternity then you already know right now what you need to change. There's nothing you don't already know is the point this week. It's not about what you know that needs to change. It's about your willingness to change. That's the key to your eternity. You must be willing.

Give this some thought this week. You already know what you need to change so you don't have any excuses there. You now realize that some of those things you have been putting off, ignoring, or not seeing them for what they really are have turned out to be far more worse than you thought. It literally means that if Jesus came for you at this moment there is nothing you could ignore because you already know. That means only one thing. Are you willing to change and are you willing to do so right now? Do you now see the urgency in doing so? Do you see just how invalid your excuses are? 

Take a look around you. Look at the current events. How much do we really have here on this earth as we know it? There have been over twenty-four tornados in the south east in the past seven days. God is trying to prepare His people. These are simply the birth pains but we should all realize the need to clean up some things while we still have time to do so. Think for a moment of all the things you have had to give up just to stay saved. Don't make your own sacrifices be in vain. Make them count for something. We are not in a cover up season. We are in a season in which we need to choose this day whom we will serve because tomorrow is not promised to us. Nevermind who knows what. Fix what needs to be fixed while God has given you the time, grace, and mercy to do so.

May the Lord continue to bless and keep you in His grace,

Bishop Carlos J. Lennon