October 3, 2021 @ 9:15 PM

Welcome again to this week's word for the week. This week I'd like to ask a tough question if I'm being honest with you. Do you live by what you know when it comes to the word of God? Give that some serious thought. You know a lot when it comes to the word. You also already know a lot because you were born with the knowledge of good and evil. Even when it comes to things you may not know where to find it in the bible, you are pretty clear most of the time what you should or should not be doing on a daily basis. Let's go further here.

It is a sin to the person who knows to do good but does not do good. There really is no excuse because we are not supposed to simply hear the word of God but we are actually supposed to live by the word of God. It is not about how much word we get because at the end of the day we are charged to get an understanding in all that we do get. When you step back for a moment and give this some thought you realize that it is not over at the point in which you hear the word. You still have to live by what you have heard.

Well, some people may think if they are not around the word to hear it then God cannot hold them accountable because they can say they didn't hear it and therefore they do not know it. Well, here's another truth to not consider but to understand. If one is staying away to avoid the word it is because they already know they are not living by the word. So hiding simply means you already know where you are wrong at. Hopefully you can see the pattern here and realize that you never have any excuse for not living by what you know the word says. Never.

Well, all of that brings us to this last part. If you are falling short in something you already know what it is. I do not have to sit here and give examples about what you already know. The question is not simply what are you going to do to change or even when are you going to do it. The question is why did you even allow yourself to get to a place where you knew better but would not do better? Seriously, who knows what's right with God and still does not make an attempt to at least try to do right?

I'll leave you this week with a few important questions to consider. How much is your household suffering because of you? After all, they look to you for the example so if you're not setting it then they are already being robbed of their potential place in God. If they don't do right because they don't see anything done right in front of them then how can you blame them for their actions? If your family members never get saved because of what they see you do then who really has that blood on their hands? You both do. Them for their own actions of course but also you because you knew better and did not set the example or correct them. Everything seems harmless until it actually hurts. Don't be hurt by what you can avoid if you simply repent and change your ways. It's always your choice but then it's also God's choice on the day of judgment.

May the Lord continue to bless and keep you in His grace,

Bishop Carlos J. Lennon