January 17, 2021 @ 10:45 PM

Welcome again to this week's word for the week. Are you still excited for the New Year? Yes, this has been quite the week if you live in the United States. As if 2020 was not a year would never forget, we now have January 6, 2021 to add to that list. Regardless to how you feel about it, the reality is that we need to pray even more as Christians. There is a lot of anxiety about the state of our nation as a whole but I would like to offer everyone a word of encouragement in what is otherwise a frustrating time.

Keep your eyes on the prize which is God. Rather things are going good or bad we must remember that we need Him at all times. The things that God wants to do in our lives has not changed. Our need to pray has not diminished in a time like this. Our reasons to praise and worship the Lord should be even greater. There is no real way to ignore the things we are seeing. It is everywhere we look and yet our need for God has only increased even more. I say this constantly but trouble has a way of driving us to God.

I told a group of people on a Thursday evening in a zoom meeting that the events at the Capitol had overshadowed the Covid news to the point that for two whole days we heard nothing about it. It was just yesterday that I heard there were 4,000 deaths in one day. This leads me to a point this week. We can have trouble on every side and still not be perplexed which means to be confused. How is that possible in the midst of all of this? It is through Christ.

The point this week is to not allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the news. Everyone should know their own limitation of how much bad news they can digest at one time. When you reach your limit, you need to know how and when to take a step back and regroup in prayer. Do this so that you can be strong enough to continue to press forward. I did not say ignore it because these are things we cannot ignore. I said learn how to use self-control and be disciplined enough to know when you need to recharge. In war they retreat in order to regroup and be able to continue to fight. 

We still have to contend with a deadly disease rather you believe it is real or not. There's an old saying that goes an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In other words, take the precautions when and while you can so that you do not have any regrets later about what you should have done. These are words of wisdom. These are words that you can apply not only to the troubling times we are currently in but to any moments of trouble in your life. How much easier is it to listen while we can and be equipped when we may need that wisdom? 

Don't lose hope in a time like this. Instead, seek wisdom and use it. It is the principle thing. It will guide you and bring you comfort. Don't allow the times and current season to shake you out of your preparation for greater things to come. Do not be weary of well doing. Do not be discouraged by what you see and hear at the moment. The things we see are temporary and subject to change. Continue to pray and believe so that you may receive.This too shall pass and there will be glory after this!

May the Lord continue to bless and keep you in His grace,

Bishop Carlos J. Lennon