August 9, 2020 @ 10:01 PM

Welcome again to this week's word for the week. There are some things in life that cannot be said enough times. The need for us to stay close to God and to serve Him with all of our hearts is one of those things. This week will not be long. It is a call for all of us to truly take some time and reflect on how good God has been to us. There should not be any questions on if He has done His part. Plain and simple, He has! If you and I look over our lives we will see that time and time and again and again God has been there. He was looking out for us long before we started to serve Him.

The point this week is not what God has done. What have you done? What are some of the the things you can point to and say you appreciate what He's done for you? How is your life different today? Do you truly honor Him? Do you truly spend time with Him daily? If not, what makes you think tomorrow is promised? Do you tell the truth no matter how much it will cost you? Are you ashamed of Him? Does it bother you if others know you are saved and they treat you different? Nothing says you have to stand on the rooftops and shout you are saved. However, the bible does say that if you deny Christ before men that He will deny you before God. 

Too many times you see people confess one thing while living another. Here's some honest truth this week. You cannot have God and the devil at the same time. You cannot live in sin and righteousness at the same time. You cannot have your way while claiming to live His way at the same time. It is easy to assume that people will always choose God over their flesh. The reality is that there are far more people who will take a chance of losing God today in hopes that they can come back to Him another day. We must choose whom we will serve. We must choose wisely. We must also realize that the choice we make is not about lip service. Many people honor Christ with their lips but their hearts are far from Him. Mark 7:6.

If you are offtrack now is a good time to get back on track. If you think you have time to get it together I would like to leave you with this to consider. Take a good look around you and the things that are going on in this world. Is it all really just a coincidence? Is God trying to get our attention before it is too late? Read your bible because all of the signs are right there. It is a matter of us taking it seriously. There are plenty of others in the bible who did not take God seriously who ended up in hell. My advice to you this week is very simple. Don't be one of them!

May the Lord continue to bless and keep you in His grace,

Bishop Carlos J. Lennon