May 25, 2020 @ 12:11 AM

Welcome again to this week's word for the week. Well, this week we're going to go in a very different direction. I'd like to begin by asking you this question. What do you think will be considered "normal" life going forward? This is not a trick question but one that you should really consider. There are so many different things many of us used to do without even thinking about before Covid-19 hit. Like or not, there will be a new "normal" that is birthed out of more necessity than you may imagine at the moment. 

Take a look at the things you like to do in life. These are just a few things people in general like to do. People like to shop, go out to eat, go to the movies, travel, go to parks, public swimming pools, church, and other places of potential large gatherings. To give you an idea of the new "normal" I'm referring to ten or more people in one location. During this time of public lockdowns I know many people who have had significant events in which they have had to do things very different than usual. Yes, I'm leading up to a point as you can tell. Many of the things we take for granted as ordinary are no longer that. Like it or not, you have to really think how important certain things are in your life.

This leads me to a point which is called being creative. Many of the things we took for granted were not even possible a generation ago. Some of the things we call necessary today were not options just fifty years ago. Not many people vacationed because it was too expensive. Now, we think the wedding anniversary is not fun if we can't go anywhere. In this new "normal" you're going to have to ask yourself just how worth that trip really is. That's just a new reality. You can't enjoy memories in a grave and you will have to count the cost on what you do.

Don't panic as that's not my point this week. My point is that you will now have to evaluate what it means to make memories. You will have to examine how you and your family can enjoy your time together. You will have to look at all of the things you do and ask yourself what's really important and necessary. This is not a bad thing though and that's the point this week. This is a time for you to refocus. This is a time for you to shift from business as usual and start to do those things you should've been doing. Now is when you no longer have excuses or things hindering you from what you should be doing. So, my point is you now have a chance to include God more into your life and plans. The question is will you?

May the Lord continue to bless and keep you in His grace,

Bishop Carlos J. Lennon