December 28, 2020 @ 12:11 AM

Welcome again to this week's word for the week. I would like to start this week off by saying Merry Christmas to everyone! This year has really gone by fast and here we are again. I do this every year but never forget what the real reason for this season is. As children of God we are literally celebrating the birth of our King. Better yet, we're celebrating the fact that He represents the beginning of God drawing us back to Himself. This is truly a joyous occasion for those of us who are truly saved and understand the true meaning.

With that in mind let's move to our word for this week. In the midst of the smiles, the well wishes, the joy, the excitement, and all that goes along with this season there is one thing that doesn't just disappear. Trouble. Trouble is not bound to the moment or the occasion. Trouble doesn't need to send any notifications that it is on the way. Trouble doesn't need any invitation to get in. It just shows up and often times it shows up when we least want it. It is truly not up to us to decide on trouble.

However, trouble serves us a purpose if we think about it. Trouble reminds us of our need for God. I'm not being funny when I say this next statement. In this season we get so caught up in the festivities until we are not always on guard for when trouble shows up. We have to stay guarded is my point here. No matter the season or occasion we have to stay guarded. Warfare doesn't stop on the holidays. We still have to pray, we still have to believe, we still have to trust God, and we still have to be on the lookout for danger. We cannot afford to be careless in this season. We have to still be watchful.

This doesn't mean we don't take time to enjoy the moment. We should but we can never let our spiritual guard down. The enemy is never on break. He is always lurking about looking to see who he can devour. Most people are overtaken when they are too busy enjoying other things. Stay on guard is my point again. You still need to pray. You still need to teach your children the real meaning of Christmas so that they never get caught up more on the gifts under the tree than the giver of life. No, this is not a downer. This is just a reminder that God is not through with you yet and you don't know how close you are to your true victory. Enjoy the time but stay focused!

May the Lord continue to bless and keep you in His grace,

Bishop Carlos J. Lennon