January 13, 2020 @ 1:24 AM

Welcome again to this week's word for the week. Here we are with the first word of the week in 2020!! I'm excited about so many things I believe the Lord is going to do. I believe this year will be a great year in the name of Jesus. I believe many people will see much deliverance this year and as a result of that they will walk in much power. There is a process of pain but the end results are unspeakable gains. Let's get to the point this week.

The theme for our church this year is the year of peace. As we heard in the watch night message and today, this will not simply fall out of the sky. We will go through things as God sees fit for His plan. We will also go through them with peace. As I always say every year, the year of peace theme is for our church. However, any believer can always grab a hold of the vision and see great things happen in their life as well. After all, peace is not simply reserved for our church but rather it's something for every believer in Christ. With that being said, there is nothing wrong with the vision for whatever church you go to as we all are in different places with a different set of people.

There is much to be said about walking in peace but let us focus on one main point for this week and take a journey that will bless us over the course of time. You must have peace in your mind. This world around us is chaotic and hyper. If we're not careful as believers we can easily find ourselves out of the the character God has intended for us. Our minds our powerful in both good and bad ways. So let's examine something that can hopefully help us. How much is your mind in line with the mind of Christ? Give that some serious thought as we go further.

There is a term called world view which simply means we are shaped by the immediate things around us. It can be good or bad but the point is we become what we're surrounded by as that is what becomes reality to us. If you are surrounded by loving people there is a greater chance you too will become a loving person. Likewise, if you're surrounded by hateful people there is a good chance that is what you will become. In either circumstance you can change but that change will come at a great price and that's the point this week.

It matters who you are not only around at the moment but what you've been around over the course of your life. The truth is now that we're saved we are still battling things from years ago. As much as we want to get up from some things there seems to be a weight that ties us down. Do we want to be that way? Of course not. Do we wish there was something we could do about it right now? Of course we do. So how do you deal with something that seemingly does not want to let you go is the question? 

Peace is something that doesn't make total sense. You can have peace in the midst of a storm. Jesus spoke peace to a storm that had to cease. Peace brings you a calmness. It helps to soothe your thoughts and allows you to focus again. There are many distractions around us but we have to be wise to recognize them. Anything can look good until you realize it's trying to kill you. We have to be on guard. We don't need to fear anything at all. We need to be guarded so we are not destroyed by things that look like allies instead of enemies.

You're not going to win this battle your way. It's going to take submission and obedience to Christ. You're going to have to trust the voices that God uses to pour into your life. It's never supposed to all feel good. I've yet to get a shot a that helped me later feel good when I was getting the shot. I had a series of Lovenox shots to stabilize a blood clot. They burn in the spot they're given for a good fifteen minutes straight. They are so painful until they rotate which side of your stomach they give you the shot each time. The thought of those shots are still fresh but I'm alive also by the power of God. The pain was worth it is my point.

Some of you reading this need to condition yourselves to take instruction because it's for your benefit. Like it or not, it's the way God works many times. When we shut people out we also shut out the plan of God. Open your spirit and mind to God. Ask God to show you how to quiet your spirit when you need to. Ask Him to show you how to hear His still but small voice when you need to. The enemy plans on using every tactic available. Your greatest tactics are prayer, the study of God's word, and a listening ear. Warning comes before destruction. Pride goes before destruction. The plan of God is that you win not lose. It takes listening to Him to win though.

I've got to close for this week but it's important for you to realize what your hindrances are including those that are within you. Great people become that way because they learned to acknowledge their weakness. It's not what you're strong at that brings you down. It's the weakness you either ignored or acted like you were stronger than. There is not much worse than a false sense of security that is given to you by the enemy himself. You need that listening spirit. Make sure you really understand that.

No weapon formed against you will be able to prosper. Nothing by any means shall be able to harm you. These are true words spoken but they require our obedience in order for them to work. God always does His part. We just need to ours. We have the easy side in simply believing. He's the One who has to bring it all to pass. I want to leave you with a declaration for this year. He who has begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ. In other words, what God has started in you He is God enough to finish it in. Don't simply get ready. Now is the time to be ready!

May the Lord continue to bless and keep you in His grace,

Bishop Carlos J. Lennon