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January 26, 2020 @ 11:17 PM

Welcome again to this week's word for the week. I've been lead by God to do something I don't here very often. For this week's word of the week we're going to tag on to the message from our Sunday service. The text is found in Luke 7:36-50. There was a woman who was a sinner in the house of a Pharisee. She was not there for the Pharisee. She was there because Jesus was there and all of her humiliation was more than worth it when she was forgiven by Christ. Let's go further.

On this journey with God there are times when you will have to put your pride down. You cannot afford to be so embarrassed by what others know about you until you miss your opportunity with God. This woman was a known sinner because she was a ...

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January 19, 2020 @ 10:55 PM

Welcome again to this week's word for the week. Let’s just jump in the deep end of the pool this week. Before some of you think we’re going to talk about something that is confusing that is not what I mean. What I mean is let’s bypass just getting our feet wet in the shallow end and let’s go all the way in the water. After all, if you’re really serious about some things this year when it comes to God you will have to be willing to be all in or nothing at all. It’s important you see your life as not having so many choices that come from you but rather being led by God.

There are some things that will not happen easy in your life. You will have to pray more than you ever thought was possible at times. ...

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January 13, 2020 @ 1:24 AM

Welcome again to this week's word for the week. Here we are with the first word of the week in 2020!! I'm excited about so many things I believe the Lord is going to do. I believe this year will be a great year in the name of Jesus. I believe many people will see much deliverance this year and as a result of that they will walk in much power. There is a process of pain but the end results are unspeakable gains. Let's get to the point this week.

The theme for our church this year is the year of peace. As we heard in the watch night message and today, this will not simply fall out of the sky. We will go through things as God sees fit for His plan. We will also go through them with peace. As I always say every year, the year of ...

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January 6, 2020 @ 12:28 AM

Welcome again to this week's word for the week. Well, this is literally the last word for the week for 2019! Looking back over this year I'm truly excited for countless things the Lord has done, is doing, and will yet do before this year is out. I'm a firm believer in reflection meaning I like to spend some time and just take in all of the things concerning the Lord. So, while many people are out and about this is actually the time for me to really slow down and mediate on the things of God.

Many of you reading this have faced various success and failures this year. Our theme for this year was the year of victory but even that had some highs and lows and they were all necessary. Oftentimes, we simply want to win without ...

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