September 9, 2019 @ 12:32 AM

Welcome again to this week's word for the week. While driving today I thought about how frustrating it was to have to evacuate yet again. It seems these storms are affecting us with more regularity than ever before. So, I was having one of those "Lord this is getting old" chats and of course God will always show you something powerful if you simply listen. Well, here we go and prayerfully this is a blessing to all during this storm.

We can evacuate from a hurricane with enough warning. God has enabled us to be able to track weather storms like hurricanes before they reach us. That gives us time to move out of the way. But what do we do with the storms of life? Those come without warning. There are no tracking devices and no software to predict where they will land. There definitely isn't a way to evacuate from out of the pathway of the storms that affect our lives. 

There is a major difference between the storms of life and weather storms. We can pray all day and still not see a change in weather storms. Yet, one prayer is sometimes all it takes for God to move and change the storms in our life. Often we are much closer than we think from being delivered. We lose hope and we lose patience too soon. I sure didn't want to have to evacuate and yet I saw the notice Sunday night. How many storms have you had with no notice? Did the Lord deliver you from them?

Even when things may not necessarily go the way we want them to go with weather storms we must always remember that with the storms of life God will never abandon us. This is not to say that weather storms do not cause life storms. When people lose their lives in weather storms believe me it causes a life storm for the family and loved ones. There is much pain and grief and all we can do is pray that over time God will heal all of their hurt. Those are the things we are sure He can do but the heartache may never totally go away.

There are moments when the storms of life teach us powerful lessons. In the midst of your greatest trials you may also realize how much worse it could've been if God was not by your side. When it hurts the most we must recognize that God is there the most. I've often wondered what the purpose of some storms were in my life and I'm sure you have too. Sometimes it was years later before I realized how much I needed those moments. None felt good at the time but they have worked for my good over time. Give that some thought.

What is God doing in your life right now? What is it that you wish you could run from only to realize you can't? What do you wish to be over only to discover it's not going anywhere anytime soon? What purpose is God working in you through your storm? What lifelong lessons will you bypass if you don't go through those storms? How much will skipping them hurt you later? How much stronger will you be in Christ if you go through them in prayer? 

We can get away from this storm and if there's others we can escape those too. We can't escape the storms of life though. The wind blows in what seems all directions at times. We wonder where God is at times. We ask why has He forsaken us when it feels unbearable. Yet, everything has a purpose. So, take these few days and meditate on what God is doing in your life. What purpose is He preparing you for? As much as it may hurt always remember the same God who allows your hurt is also the same God who heals your hurt. Don't give up on God because He sure won't give up on you!

May the Lord continue to bless and keep you in His grace,

Bishop Carlos J. Lennon