September 3, 2019 @ 2:56 AM

Welcome again to this week's word for the week. Have you ever thought on one hand you wish things would speed up and then on the other hand you wish they would slow down? Have you ever thought one more you wish something would happen and then at the same time wish there was more time? While that may sound confusing to some there are many people who can clearly identify with what I just said. The point is very simple. Sometimes we don't know what we really want.

Let's go further here. God showed up to Solomon and told him to ask whatever he wanted and it would be done. Essentially, that was the equivalent of God giving Solomon a blank check. Everyone would love that but if that check is only good for one thing what would you really ask for? Again, you would instantly find yourself asking for things that seem to be a conflict to one another. It's kind of like do you want things to speed up or slow down? Do you wish it would happen now or can you have more time? 

The point this week is that we ask for a lot of things from God at any given time. The problem is we fail to realize how some of those things are in conflict with the other things we're asking for. There's an old saying that goes you can't have all things both ways. Sometimes, you really do have to choose. This is where the story of Solomon comes in at. If God asks you what do you want the question is what do you really want? It's easy to name a list of things but what happens when only only one thing can be on that list?

Yes, there's more to this point of course. The point is how much time have you spent on what you say you want? Have you counted the cost? Yes, there are times when we need more than one thing and I agree. There are also times when we need to truly make up our minds. Sometimes the hold up for what we're praying for is the fact that we're unsure of what we want. We may not realize it but when what you're asking for is all over the place the true question is what do you really want?

I'm always amazed that out of all the things Solomon could've asked for he chose to ask for wisdom. His choice was to ask God to help in be able to go in and out of the people and to be a good leader. As a result of asking for wisdom God turned around and gave him that plus! What we have to understand is there are some doors that literally only contain one things. There are other doors that contain a multitude of things. We know not what to pray for. However, the Holy Spirit truly does show us all things. 

So, here's a challenge for this week. Take some time and give some real thought as to your wants versus your needs. How many things are asking for only to realize they are a conflict with some other things. You don't want to be in a place where God needs to tell you to make up your mind. You need to be where you are sure about what you're asking for. That doesn't come without giving things much thought. You have to always ask for God to show you the bigger picture. Once you see that then you will also see yourself asking for things that line up with the His will and not just be about what you want.

May the Lord continue to bless and keep you in His grace,

Bishop Carlos J. Lennon