August 26, 2019 @ 12:42 AM

Welcome again to this week's word for the week. This week we're going to go in a different direction as far as how the word for the week is structured. Well over twenty years ago I was going through a struggle that weighed on me constantly. It seemed like the more I prayed the worse things got. I studied the word of God concerning that particular area and nothing seemed to break anything. Yes, I was frustrated and things were starting to get very aggravating.

Someone asked me day what was going on. Without going into a whole lot of detail I gave them the brief overview of things. They asked me have I prayed which I thought was a crazy question. The person knew I prayed daily but I answered and said yes anyhow. They asked me how I prayed and I looked at them puzzled but I answered the question again. That is where we get to the point here.

They asked me not only what and how I prayed but also what did I want to see. I told them as the answer was simple and they looked me straight in the eyes and said then start praying according to what you want to see. Of course, I thought that's what I was doing but I found out I wasn't. I was praying and asking God to move on my behalf and to do it. I never prayed as if it was already done. So, I began to pray according to what I wanted to see and not so much on what I was actually seeing at the time.

My prayer changed and I began to thank God for that being done. Every time it crossed my mind I told God thank you that it's already worked out. I began to see the true meaning of put it all in God's hands. The more I prayed according to what I wanted to see the more I saw it. The more I realized we truly have what we say. God began to teach me about the power of words and how death and life are truly in our tongues. I began to be more mindful of what I thought which allowed me to be more guarded about what I was saying. 

I quit complaining about the problem and I began to thank God as if was behind me already. I began to see God move in that area and decided I would apply the same principle to other areas of my life. Let's be honest, it's not like it's ever just one thing we need God to do. I started to see Him move in so many areas until it left me speechless on how to describe what He was doing. From that time on I learned a powerful lesson that still keeps me today. You have to thank God as if it's already done and you have to believe what you pray.

I want to not simply challenge but encourage you this week. As those troubles and things that concern you cross your mind begin to thank God as if each thing is over. Go from asking God to work out things to thanking Him as if they're already worked out. Learn the true meaning of praise Him in advance. God moves according to words that are spoken in faith. This is not the time to be unsure. There are too many things undone in your life and it's time to see them come to pass. You have what you say. Now it's time to see what you say.

May the Lord continue to bless and keep you in His grace,

Bishop Carlos J. Lennon