August 5, 2019 @ 10:52 PM

Welcome to our online Bible study. My goal here tonight is to give you the scriptures along with some points for you to consider. As always, please take some time to pray first and ask God to clear your hearts and minds from whatever you may have dealt with today so that you can focus on what we will talking about here. Also, get your Bible close by because you will need it.


Alright, here we go. Tonight's lesson will not be long but it will require a tremendous amount of thought and honesty from you. You will clearly know for yourself rather you have done so and it will make a serious difference in your own life. Without further delay let's get started here. What are the three things in your life right now that take up the most of your attention? I'm talking about those three things that you think about often and they really do matter to you. Those three things that if God moved in those areas right now it would bring you great joy to see things turn around in them. Be honest because the only person who will benefit the most from this is you. Yes, ALL of us have at least three things so no one is exempt here.


Now, the next part of what you will need to really consider is what are at least three things that word of God says about EACH one. Yes, name three things that God has said about each of them. Now understand that some of the things the word of God says may affect more than one thing you name. In other words, one verse may apply to two or even all three of what you may name. Now the important thing for you to realize is that it's not just one thing that God has already said about what you have going on. I can assure you there are multiple things in scripture that God has said about each of the three things you have named. The question is are you willing to reach out to see what God has said?


Now there's some importance to being able to know at least three things that God has said. The word confirms itself. When you really dig into scripture you will begin to see how many things line up together and all work for the same purpose. It amazing to see at times how much God has to say about your one circumstance. Now in the event that you come across five or even ten different scriptures about your circumstance make sure you read them all. Put as much of God's word in you as possible on what you have going on. The more you can stand on the more sure your confidence in Him will be. Don't limit yourself and don't take shortcuts in areas that really matter to you. This needs to be a matter of urgency for you and you need to be about Our Father's business in this season.


Knowing what God has said about your circumstance is only part of your victory. You will also need to accept what God has said. Too often, people will know what God has said and then start finding excuses or ways around what He's saying. There will be times when it's something you need to do or change. There will be other times when you will need to simply stand still and see the salvation of the Lord. What you need to do is not up to you is my point here. You don't get to pick and choose what you want to do. You need to be actively seeking the Lord and being settled on what He says. It will be an amazing thing for the rest of my life to see people ignore what God says. There is absolutely nothing to be gained by such obvious foolishness and at some point in your life you will need to see it as foolishness if you already have not done so. There is a way that seems right to a man but the end of those ways are death.


Understand what God is trying to do in your life. Understand what He's trying to turn around in you life. Understand what needs to change in your life for the greater overall good. Recognize that all of your stubbornness and selfishness doesn't simply affect you. Look around you at times and see who else can suffer needlessly because of your disobedience to God. Remember that your goal down here on this Earth is to live a life that's pleasing unto the Lord that will allow you to one day spend eternity with Him. Recognize what's just temporary in your life and what is permanent. Recognize what needs to matter and what doesn't. Get serious about being delivered and walking in victory. 


Think about the people throughout the Bible who both listened to God and those who didn't. Notice the difference from their choices. Learn from them because they will bless you. There were people who waited years for God to do something and when He did all of their waiting was worthwhile. If you make to Heaven ask Abraham and Sarah if Isaac was worth the wait. I guarantee you they will both say yes. Ask Joseph if those thirteen years were worth it all in the end. You can be sure his answer will be yes. Ask Elijah if he learned anything during those years of having to trust and depend on God. Ask Job if God didn't really make all of his suffering worth it in a double measure. There's a lot you will gain by seeing what God says about your situation.


Lastly, there's something you will need to really commit to and double down on. You will need to really make it your business to stand on what God has shown you. This is not an accident with this lesson. This will truly take you to the next level if you are obedient and diligent about it. Many of you have great things in store and those doors were only opened by God. Don't be one of those people who mess everything up before they get a chance to even get started. The sad thing about a fall from God is that it doesn't always happen instantly. It would be better sometimes if it did because it would perhaps wake people up. But that's when you have to understand how God works. If a person won't do right with everything going good for them what's to say they will do right when it falls apart? Some people will simply walk away and stay away. Which one are you?


God is truly in the midst of doing some great things. I've seen Him turn countless things around in my own life and in the lives of many others. Rejoice in a sincere way for others and it will be just a matter of time before it happens for you. Jealousy holds your breakthrough and blessings back. Envy, strife, and bitterness only serve to be your own downfall. Anger can kill you over time if you're not careful. Unforgiveness will keep you in an unforgiven state. Again, find at least three things the word says about what you got you going on. Meditate on what the word says. Confess or repeat it every time you think about your circumstance. Call God at His word on it. Ask God to change you where needed. Pray like never before now that you have new hope to stand on. See these things all the way to end. It's not over until God says it's over. It can't happen until God says it will happen. Don't give up but you got to "learn" to wait on Him.


God Bless You,

Bishop C. Lennon