May 27, 2019 @ 1:50 AM

Welcome again to this week's word for the week. Do you know that you can tell God no? Let me ask that question one more time. Do you know that you can tell God no? That's not a typo or an error of a question. That is a real question. The truth is you can tell God no. You can tell Him no with full awareness or without awareness but you really can tell Him no. Let me explain better here.

There are some packages that require a signature. There is no way around that and if someone is not there then the package cannot be left on your doorstep. Your signature indicates that you accept the package. I had two of the same things sent to me recently and it was too late to stop the second one as it was already shipped. I was instructed to simply not sign for it which meant I was refusing it and it would be returned.

God can have great things in store for you but it is easy to refuse it. He doesn't force His will on us even when it's something for our good. At any time, you can say no. Is it wise to tell God no? Of course not. Can you tell Him no? Yes you can. We tell God no when there's something He wants to do but we don't want to make the changes necessary for it to happen. We tell God no by simply ignoring His commands. It's far easier to do than you may realize.

This journey in Christ is based on our willingness, obedience, and faithfulness. There are many other things we can name but most if not all of them are covered in those three main areas. If we're willing and obedient then we shall eat the good of the land. If we're faithful in a few things we will be rulers over many things. Both of those statements start out with the word if. The word if is powerful because it signifies that there are choices that need to be made on our end before other things can happen for us.

So, as you can see we can tell God no. We tell God no when years later we are still guilty of some of the same things we were guilty of before we were saved. We tell God no when we continue to hide in the dark even though He has called us into the light. We tell God no when we quit and give up even though He has promised us victory. We tell God no when we lie, cheat, steal, won't forgive, partake in the sin's of others, and do not continually live by His word.

We tell God when we know the truth and yet choose the lie. We tell God no when we should be a light to others and yet choose to walk in the same darkness they do. We tell God no when we become friends with those who are enemies of the cross. We tell God no when we don't trust Him and do what we think is best or what we want. We tell God when we do not surrender to His will. We tell God no when we continue to be stubborn and rebellious.

There are a multitude of ways to tell God no as you can see. I have not even come close to listing all of the ways but you get the picture very clearly. In spite of the long list of ways to tell God no and refuse what He has for you there is one sure way that is tried and true to do the complete opposite. You can tell Him yes. I know that's simple but it's the simple things that bring some of the most lasting results in life.

You can tell God yes. You can say yes to His will, yes to His ways, and yes to His thoughts. You can say yes when He says to change. You can say yes when He says to stop what you're doing. You can say yes by choosing Him over sin and those that entice you to sin. You can say yes to honesty when there's a chance to lie. You can say yes to His light instead of walking in darkness. You can say yes plain and simple.

Nobody has to be lost. Nobody has to still be what they've always been. Nobody has to worse off after knowing God than they were before they knew Him. These are things that are results of willful sin, rebellion, and disobedience. We can be anything God says we can be but we have to say yes. We can't say partially. We must give Him a complete yes and our upmost obedience. This doesn't happen our way. Instead, it happens His way. If you plan on seeing everything God has in store for you then you're going to have to plan on saying yes to Him beforehand.

May the Lord continue to bless and keep you in His grace,

Bishop Carlos J. Lennon