May 20, 2019 @ 12:50 AM

Welcome again to this week's word for the week. I won't be very long this week as this is a word for you to meditate on and think about throughout the week. What really stops us from reaching our full potential in Christ? He gives us the promises, gives us a way to see those promises, and promises to protect us along the way. He never promised the journey would be easy but He did promise that it is possible. With that information already known to us there are still too many times we miss the mark. Why is that?

Let's get to the heart of an important part of that scenario. How much do you really trust Christ? Nothing can happen on your behalf that He has promised until He has your complete trust. I want to challenge you that trust by itself is not your real problem. You sit in chairs and trust they won't break. You drive a car and trust that the wheels won't fall off. You set the alarm on your phone and trust that it will alert you on time. You make plans for once you finish work so you trust that you will make it through the day. Trust is not your problem.

Your real problem is in allowing Christ to do what He needs to do without your input. His ways and methods are not the way we would do things. There are times when we wonder why we need to wait and therefore we don't wait. We're impatient if we can be honest. If we hear about a promise today we look for it to happen by tomorrow. If your credit needs to be repaired you already know it won't happen overnight. You know you have to be disciplined and patient but it will pay off for you. We trust a credit bureau that none of us knows how it truly works. Yet, we don't completely trust Christ who has proved Himself to us countless times.

When God makes us a promise it is truly on Him to bring it to pass. If someone says they're going to bring a plate of food to your house you don't ask which roads they are taking. You don't call them every five minutes to ask where they are. You patiently wait for it to arrive. You occupy yourself with other things while you wait. Guess what else you will do? You will change your plans on whatever else you were getting ready to eat? Suddenly, you can be patient and not fill yourself up with something and not be full when the food arrives.

Well, here we go as we close. We literally fill ourselves up with too many other things when we can't wait. The problem is by the time our promise arrives we have no more room for it because we are too full. You need to always remind yourself that there has to be room for what God has promised. Once we fill up the intended space with the wrong things then the right things have no room. We wonder why we miss the promises of God but we never wonder why we didn't wait and be patient. Anything worth having is worth fighting for. Fight to be patient and not miss the true promises that only come to those who wait on the Lord!

May the Lord continue to bless and keep you in His grace,

Bishop Carlos J. Lennon