March 18, 2019 @ 12:34 AM

Welcome again to this week's word for the week. It is so easy to get distracted. That is something most people don't want to discuss. Regardless, it's a true statement. It's very easy to get distracted in life. This is something that can be avoided but it takes much prayer, fasting, focus, and a commitment to God. There has to be something in you that's determined to not miss what God has for you. It's easy to be distracted.

Distractions are simple. Anything that gets in the way of what you're trying to do is a distraction. Some can be controlled but we have to have a willingness to control them. You can control the volume on your tv while you're praying. There's no reason at all for you not to be in a place where you cannot hear God when you pray. Turn the tv down, turn the cellphone off if need be, turn down the radio. Hearing the voice of God is important. It's how you hear His will for your life. 

Distractions also come in the form of people as we all know. Again, this is something that can be avoided. There are some people who only thrive when something is going wrong. For whatever reason they are not happy unless others are miserable. Again, this is something that can avoided. You cannot afford to constantly mingle with people who see no good in anything. This world is crazy but it's not all bad. God is doing some great things in it everyday if we just look around. Someone who's stuck on negativity needs to avoided so that you may have true peace and joy in your life.

Here's my point this week. There are many things people complain about and call a distraction. They say these things get in their way when it comes to their walk with God. I'm literally trying to encourage you this week that your life doesn't have to be that way. You don't have to weary and frustrated because of outside things. There are times when you simply need to do something about them. Anybody can make an excuse. Not everyone is willing to do something about the problem. Many people could do something at times but it comes down to really wanting the distraction gone.

Let me be clear before we close this week. I'm not telling you to be completely done with people in your life who you may love or are related to. I'm saying to learn how to cut them off before they bring the negativity. Learn how to not entertain things that only serve to contaminate your spirit. Learn how to tune out things before they even reach your ears. Trust me, once you demonstrate a pattern of not listening to foolishness you will be surprised at how quickly it stops coming your way. You will also be surprised at the joy you were missing out on. Nothing is worth your place in Christ. Never forget that.

So, every week we have a personal challenge of sorts to make us stronger Christians. This week is no different. Take some time and look around at your life. Be honest about what you see. If you see something that should not be there don't be afraid to deal with it. We are in a season now where we literally deserve to experience the peace and power of God. Don't be denied that promise because of things you allow to remain in your life as a distraction. It's your time, season, and moment right now. Don't waste it on things that are not aligned with where God is taking you.

May the Lord continue to bless and keep you in His grace,

Bishop Carlos J. Lennon