March 4, 2019 @ 1:22 AM

Welcome again to this week's word for the week. What would you give up for God? Give that some real thought. Now let me ask that question again. What would you give up for God? If you say everything do you know what everything may be? If you are hesitant do you realize what you may be missing out on? If you say you don't know then the question could be asked do you realize how much He has given up for you?

All of these questions point to something simple if you don't over think the question. What comes down to is that you would need to count the cost. Too often we blurt out things without thinking what that might mean. We say yes without thinking about what that yes will mean. Make sure you understand me clearly here. I'm not saying or suggesting that we should think about "if" we will give anything up for God. I'm saying we need to ask ourselves what does it really mean to give up everything. In other words, we need to count the cost.

One may be sincere when they tell God that He can have anything from them. Years ago preachers would say we want to give God this when He wants that. In other words, He doesn't always want what we're so ready to give up anyhow. There are times when God may require something that is near and dear to you. There are times you will be tested and stretched to see what's really in your heart.

Give this thought as we won't be long here this week. Abraham was asked to give up Isaac. He literally had a willingness to do so. If he was not stopped then he was willing to sacrifice his son Isaac for God. That is what you call an unconditional sacrifice. The reality though is that it was just a test. God simply needed to see if Abraham had a willingness to give up everything for Him. Once God saw that then He stopped Abraham from going through with it. 

The point is sometimes it's just a test. There are plenty of times when God just needs to see where our hearts are. We say we love Him but the only to really demonstrate that love for Him is to prove it. We can say something all day. It is not until we actually do it that we are taken seriously. Let me share with you this final point. Who knows what God will do once He sees your willingness and faithfulness. Who knows where He take you once you show that He's first. Who knows what breakthrough is just waiting for your willingness!

May the Lord continue to bless and keep you in His grace,

Bishop Carlos J. Lennon