February 25, 2019 @ 12:10 AM

Welcome again to this week's word for the week. If someone were to ask you who you are in Christ what would your response be? Do you really know what it means when someone asks you that? Let's give this some thought before we go further this week. If I'm not sure or if I'm incorrect about what my identity is and what it means there is a great possibility of failure in my life. Anyone who is unsure of what God has them here for is in great danger of taking the wrong path at any given time.

It's easy to be misled. It's easy to think you know something that you don't. It's easy to think you've heard something that was never said. It's easy to think something that does not exist. It's easy to be sidetracked is my point. Often times, the only thing the enemy needs to do is just to occupy our time with being unsure. That by itself can take up a lot of time and cause us to lose our focus. So let's go a little further here.

Your identity in Christ is more than just what you do. It defines who you are. Before it can define who you are it must be first be governed because of Whose you are. In other words, before you can know your identity you must first know the identity of Christ and that you belong to Him. You must at some point in your life come to and accept the conclusion that you no longer get to pick and choose what you want to be. There is a point that you realize you don't get to determine where you will go. You have to be led by Christ for these things.

Your last name attaches you to a family that's much bigger than you. Your last name can be traced to others who went before you. Your last name shows you belong to a group of people and that you are not standing alone. A man and woman who join together in marriage take vows to become one. They seal this union before God and often in the presence of others. The wife then takes on the last name of her husband and those who know her must learn to call her by her new identity. 

Think about where we're going here. Once that woman joins as one with that man her identity changes. She becomes his wife. He becomes her husband. They are now called one. Once you and I join together with Christ we are no longer known by our old nature. We are no longer referred to by our old identity. We now have a new nature. We are not connected with someone else. We gain a new family in the body of Christ. We are no longer to be the people we used to be. There is a change that should be evident. The newly wed couple wear rings to signify their union. We wear righteousness to signify our union with Christ. Clothe yourself in righteousness.

So, as I close this week let me close with a few points. Have you accepted your new identity? Have you embraced it? Are you excited to be one with Christ? Are you excited to be what you've never been? Are you excited to learn how to live a different way? It's not enough to just say you're saved. You need to know what that means, who that now makes you become, and what that means for your destiny. Don't lose it when you are so close. Learn who you are in Christ and it will make a huge difference in how your everyday life is carried out.

May the Lord continue to bless and keep you in His grace,

Bishop Carlos J. Lennon