September 3, 2018 @ 1:37 AM

Welcome again to this week's word for the week. This week is some serious food for thought so make sure you're honest about your answers. What does God mean to you? Now you may read that and wonder where are we going here but hang in there as this will bless you if you let. The question again is what does God mean to you? What does He mean to your life?

For every answer you say there's a question to follow it. I'll use a few examples here to get you going in the right direction. However, you're going to need to be honest and ask a few questions for yourself. The easiest answer is God is your everything. So would you give up 'your" everything for "His" everything? Would you trade all that matters to you for all that matters to Him? Not such an easy question after all is it? Let's go further. Suppose you say God is first in your life. Would you drop everything to see what He wants if He calls you? Will you cancel the family dinner to see what is on the mind of God?

I'm making a serious point here believe it or not. Does God have the place in your life that you claim He does? Take a good look at Mark 7:6 for a moment. It's one simple verse but my does it say something powerful. The last part paraphrased says this people honors me with their lips, but their heart is far from me. What a sad thing for Jesus to have to say about them you may say. Well, the question is does He say the same thing about "you" right now? Do you have all of the right things to say at the right now and yet have a heart that's far from Him.

What does it mean to you to be far from God? Would it matter to you if God is not well pleased with you? What would you do to change it? How long would you be committed to that change? Do you even realize the purpose of changing? Do you see God trying to give you a chance for eternity or do you see this as a burden? Is your praise and worship sincere or do you only do so when instructed by others during a church service? Do you call on God when you're alone or does He only hear from you when you're in a church service?

We are in a season where much prayer is needed. We are literally coming into the last quarter of the year. This is the moment where you decide if you plan on winning or losing. Do you plan on living for God or not? Do you plan on seeing His plans come to pass in your life? How real is God to you? Do you have a fear of Him or are you one of those people who are willing to take chances that He will give you another chance. When we read about Ahab we see someone God gave countless chances to. We also read about that same Ahab dying in battle and having the dogs lick his blood. 

God is awesome because He's real. He's incredible because He knows everything. He blesses us because He knows what we stand in need of. He corrects us because He loves us. He's patient with us because He has mercy for us. He speaks to us so that He can lead and guide us. He put His Holy Spirit in us so that we are never alone and will know all things. Yet, He says if we don't walk upright with Him then He will condemn us to hell where there will eternal weeping and gnashing of teeth. That should tell all of us this final point. God is loving enough to allow us to spend eternity with us and loving enough to let us go when we decide we don't want Him as we should. Give this word some serious thought and may God see you to the finish line in victory when it's all over.

May the Lord continue to bless and keep you in His grace,

Bishop Carlos J. Lennon