August 27, 2018 @ 12:07 AM

Welcome again to this week's word for the week. Peter walked on water when Jesus told him to come to Him. Many people will point out that Peter began to sink but there's still a fact that remains. Peter walked on water. He didn't skim across the top of it. Peter actually walked on the water. When did Peter begin to sink? When He took his eyes off of Jesus.

That leads us to a point this week. This is one of those weeks where it will be something for you to think about more than something for me to say. How many times have you taken your eyes off of Jesus? I realize that's a tough question and if you're not honest your immediate response will be never. The question is how true is that answer? While it's uncomfortable to think about and even more uncomfortable to talk about, this is something that can actually work for our long term good and bless us.

You have to ask yourself how far could you be in Christ right now if you never took your eyes off of Him. We're going to skip through the chase on rather you did or didn't and just deal with the truth of the matter. We all at one point or another have taken our eyes off of Christ. We are no different than Peter. While grateful to be walking we also looked down. Have you ever noticed how many times the Bible tells us to look up? Have you ever wondered why is that in the Bible so many times? It's not an accident at all. There is a real point and meaning to that.

Sometimes when we look down we are able to see our true circumstance. Sometimes things are not quite as good as we may imagine they are. It's easy to look at Peter and say why would he have any reason to doubt if it was Jesus who was calling Him. Well, how many times have we doubted even though we knew it was Jesus calling us? It's easy to criticize until you put yourself in that same situation. What would you do if you were Peter? Before you answer that question you need to ask what have you done so far?

Sometimes it is both shocking and overwhelming to see what God is doing at the moment. I don't care how much you may look forward to things at times, there are moments when it is still shocking to see. When Jesus walked on the water they thought He was a ghost. It should be no shock to us that Peter panicked and began to sink. It is not a shock to God when we panic and sink. It is actually a sign to us that our hearts don't always trust Him the way our mouths may claim.

How can we grow from this? How can we do better? What does it take for God to get us to a place where our trust in Him is without question? Here's one solution that takes time but it really does work. You can't be in a rush. We are so busy in our lives but trust takes time. God has to build us to trust Him. He has to do a lot of things on our behalf before we get to a place where we can truly trust Him. Do you see the signs in front of you? Do you see how all of these things are working together in unison to get you there?

Take some serious time this week and really give this some thought. How much do you trust God? How far can He stretch you? Do you have a limit when it comes to God? How much can God really depend on you? Can He trust you not to lose hope? Can He trust you not to lose faith? Can He trust you to still declare the expected end even while you're going through something and can't see the end? You have to answer that question. The real moral of the story is not about Peter sinking. The real moral is what will make you sink?

May the Lord continue to bless and keep you in His grace,

Bishop Carlos J. Lennon