December 9, 2018 @ 11:55 PM

Welcome again to this week's word for the week. When I tell you that I'm excited about some things God is doing I truly mean it. It is not like any of our lives are trouble free but that does not change how good God truly is. You learn while walking with God that there will be times you just have to press to see the goodness of the Lord but it's always worth it. Everything will not happen easily but all things are possible if we will only believe.

I won't be long this week at all but here's a powerful question for you to consider. Will "you" bless the Lord at all times and have His praise continually be in your mouth? Will you do that? This is not about anyone else this week but you. Will you find a way to still rejoice even when things may not be going well at the moment? Yes, there will be times when you will have to push through pain in order to see the gains God has in store for you. To bless the Lord at all times literally means at all times.

This is the season to hold on to God, to believe God, to trust God, and to have an expectation that God is going to do what He promised He would do. If you can bless God at your low point then it will be easy to do when you reach the high point. If you can bless God when you're money is not looking good then you can bless Him when you're walking in prosperity. If you can bless Him when your cupboards are empty then you will continually praise Him when you have an abundance of food and can give some of it away.

This is beyond a shout here. This is tapping into a reminder that God is always there and will not leave you or forsake you. This is going back to your foundation of being sure that God is right there with you no matter what the storms of life may try to shake out of you. Let me ask you this question one more time before we close with this week's word. Will you bless the Lord at all times and will you let His praise continually be in your mouth? Will you do all of that for God knowing what He's already done for you and what's on the way for you?

May the Lord continue to bless and keep you in His grace,

Bishop Carlos J. Lennon