January 21, 2018 @ 11:22 PM

Welcome again to this week's word for the week. Well praise God for another year that is now upon us!! Truly the Lord God has been gracious and merciful to allow all of us to see another year. If you are excited then you have a right to be excited. Don't let anyone or anything steal your joy that the Lord has given you. Guard it and appreciate it fur sure. I said last week that this week's word of the week would further explain our vision so here we go.

As I say every year because we have people globally who read the word for the week, The Year of Embracing God is the vision for our ministry at Holy Living Christian Center. Is it a word strictly for our church? Of course not. The word of God is for all of the hearers and doers of His word. Embracing God is something that we as Christians should do regardless to what church we attend. It is a part of our Christian walk with the Lord.

However, some of you reading this attend other churches and the vision for this year for that church may vary from our vision. Nobody is wrong in their vision as that's where God may have us at various times. However, when we all come together always remember that we're all under the same word from the same God. Praise God for the vision He has given the house you attend and be grateful that He even spoke a vision in there. The word of the Lord is precise and precious even in these days we live in.

Embracing God is powerful and has many definitions. Yet, it still comes down to two important things that make it easier to remember and gain understanding in. Embrace means to cling and to accept. We cling or cleave unto God meaning that we are willing to hold Him and not let go. We embrace God by accepting His will for our lives. We do not fight against His will or attempt to do our own thing. Rather, we embrace what He says and what He has in store for us. We do not chase after our own dreams. We chase after God!

Personally, as a leader of God's people I discourage New Year's resolutions. Those are the thoughts and plans you have towards yourself. Jeremiah 29:11 declares that God knows the thoughts and plans that He has towards us. There's a drastic difference between your plans and His. You will need to determine which plans matter the most to you and what you plan to pursue. It's not up for debate in my personal life. Whatever God says is what it shall be and I won't complain. I've long learned that He knows far more than I ever could know.

Take some time during these next few weeks to really get before the presence of God and just listen. Don't go with any petitions other than to hear what He has in store for you. Be sure and certain as it will keep you from being double-minded. Write down the things that you hear while you listen to God. Keep them somewhere nearby and when things happen that He promised check them off the list. Begin to see for yourself just how awesome and accurate the Lord is. Get in line with Him instead of praying that He gets in line with you.

Wrap yourself up in God this year. Hold on to Him and don't be willing to let go. There needs to be a major fight against anything that tries to pry your life from His. Talk is cheap. Walk the walk and you won't need to talk to prove things to others. This is the year where things become personal with you and God. This is the year that you say yes to Him. Yes to His commands. Yes to His desires for your life. You're bought with a price. Let that mean something to you and live accordingly.

There are far too many things to say in one week concerning embracing God. Start by getting before Him and don't be frustrated by what you hear. Everything has a purpose and works for your good. You need to know that when it comes to your life that God truly knows more about than you. Yes, it's your life. However, it was created by Him. He that has began a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ. That simply means he will bring all promises to pass in your life. You will only see that if you embrace Him!

May the Lord continue to bless and keep you in His grace,

Bishop Carlos J. Lennon