December 19, 2016 @ 12:59 AM

Welcome again to this week's word for the week. It is amazing about the powerful thoughts that can come from a conversation. After church today I was in talking to someone and what we talked about is something that will be a blessing to all of you. I told him we would resume our conversation as I wanted to make sure I did not miss the point while it was still fresh to me.

I was talking with him about the need for change and how it is important. I was saying how we need to transition from our old nature and ways and how it is needful to us to do so. While talking I made the statement that we need a new download and an updated codec. Let me explain that to you and hopefully it will bless you as well. Give this week's word some thought in relation to a computer operating system. In other words, Windows or Apple as a system not as a platform.

When you have a computer there are things called updates. Updates do just that. They update the system to either fix any flaws or enhance the operation of the system. Updates are necessary and crucial as they extend the usefulness of your computer. Without an update you would find yourself buying a new computer far more often and many things simply would not work as advertised. Updates change all of that by fixing the problems at hand.

Imagine yourself for a moment in need of an update. Imagine that as you live on this journey there are things that need to be updated to keep you going. Would you really want God to have to start all the way over every time you needed something changed? Of course not because you may already know you've come a long way. You would rather an update and be able to continue on from where you now are. 

Now on a computer the updates are usually in the form of a download of some sort. In a simple form, your computer gets a new file, loads it on your computer, and the rest is done behind the scenes. In other words, the real work doesn't take place in your sight, Yet, you know it was done. Does that sound like how God works? How much in your life is truly done behind the scenes? I'm talking about out of sight of everyone including you at times? The answer is a lot!

Many times you look at your life and you may feel that many things just need to be done away with and started all over again. The reality is that you may simply need a refresh. A person who is not afraid to open up a computer can very easily build a new computer in an old tower. You don't have to change out the shell or the body of the computer. You simply need to change the components inside of it that make it run. Your life is no different. It's not a new body that you need. You need the inside changed.

A new codec changes how a computer performs or functions. A new codec can do away with limitations the old system had. While a new codec may require you to learn some things differently the overall experience is better for you. So when I say we need a new codec what I'm really saying is that we need a renewal on the inside that changes our overall experience with God. Many times we don't want to start over but it's actually the very thing that is needed for us to go forward in life.

I need to close here but give this some serious thought. We spend a lot of time working on our exterior. How much time do you spend working on your interior? One can go to the gym five days a week for at least one hour a day and yet not spend one hour a week with God in prayer and the study of His word. One can watch television for two hours a day every day and yet not spend two hours a week with God. That points to a need of an inward transformation and that's exactly what a new codec does.

The year is rapidly coming to an end. See the need to change. See the need to do things differently. See the need to have a new way of thinking. See the need to become obedient to God. See the need to worked on from the inside out. The reason is simple. It will only make a better and stronger you. It will draw you closer to God because you will quickly realize that none of your change is a result of you. It will let you realize your need for God! Give that some thought this week.

May the Lord continue to bless and keep you in His grace,

Bishop Carlos J. Lennon