September 14, 2015 @ 1:08 AM

Welcome again to this week's word for the week. God has a way of getting your attention. The ways He may choose may or may not feel good but they're still His ways. We often think we've got God figured out to the point we sometimes act like we literally know the next move of God. May I challenge you this week to realize that you're going to have to wait and see what the next move of God is? Let's get to the point this week.

The ways of God don't always make sense. If you read the Bible then it becomes clear that it doesn't have to make sense. God has clearly said our ways or not His ways and our thoughts are not His thoughts. There is no getting around that. However, that may also pose a problem in your life if you're not careful. When we go through things we always want to know the reason why but that is not always known nor does God have to state the reason. The reason is not important. The lesson is.

Most people have heard the phrase "God works in mysterious ways" and usually nobody thinks anything about it. They hear it and keep right on moving along in life. That statement takes on a different meaning when you're going through something. Sometimes at what you think is your lowest point in life, God will do something to let you know He is still by your side. It doesn't have to be big. It could be something minor to others but meaningful to you. 

Most of us have had those moments where things were really getting the best of us. We didn't want it to be that way but until you've gone "through" something you never know that God will bring you "out" of things. It is during those times when God may speak a word of encouragement to you. Now let me make this plain and clear. A word of encouragement doesn't always have to feel good. It just has to be designed to work for your good. God telling you to get yourself together is encouragement when you really think about it.

So let's continue with God's ways. You see things one way when you're in the storm. You see the way out through your own natural eyes. However, God has a view of things and a knowledge of things that you and I simply do not have. We must trust Him to lead and guide us. If you could sit as high as God does and know what He does then you would understand why there is no panic on His end. That's why there are times you must learn to stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.

Now think about this scenario for a moment. Let's say you are throwing a surprise birthday party for someone. You go through many stages of planning and organizing  without the person's knowledge. Something good is being prepared for them and they don't even know it. However, as the one with the plans and ideas you know exactly how everything is going to go. Anyone that is there to assist you is simply following the directions and vision that "you" have. If you don't say it then it won't be done. 

That person wakes up the day of their birthday completely unaware that there is surprise celebration in store for them. They do not know the plans and the excitement of others. They go about their day joyful but the best is yet to come. Now consider these points. What part of the planning did they do? What did they go and get in preparation for the celebration? Do they even know how much food will be there or how many people? Something great is being done on their behalf and yet they have no input to how it's going to go.

Now it's time for the birthday party. Everyone who is a guest parks their car out of view and the person comes home to what looks normal. They get inside and suddenly everyone says surprise, starts clapping, and they all sing Happy Birthday to the person. The person is shocked, stunned, completely caught off guard, and yet they are excited. They had no idea that so many people cared and would stop what they're doing to celebrate with them. Do you know what the person who is celebrating their birthday would do? They would enjoy the moment and keep saying how surprised they are and how thankful they are to everyone there.

My point to you is that God doesn't need your input to bless you! Sometimes what you don't know is the best thing for you. Israel could've came out of Egypt and passed through a much shorter way on the way out. God knew the shortest way wasn't the best way. He knew the shortest way actually had the most danger and if they saw it they would turn back immediately. So, He took them the long way for their own good. 

Does all of this sound familiar in your life? Do you look around and see a shorter way but not the danger? Do you look and see how things could be easier for the moment and still not see how they could be dangerous for you in the long run? Do you question God's knowledge while trusting your own in something you really don't even understand in the first place? Does the clay tell the Potter what it wants to be or is that completely up to the Potter?

Think about what I'm saying this week and it will bless you for a long time in your life. You and I do not control God. He controls us. You and I do not give commands to God. He gives commands to us. You and I do not get to pick and choose which troubles we face. We just need to trust that God won't give us anymore than what we can handle. 

It is time for the body of Christ as a whole to get back to trusting the leading and guidance of God. In spite of what we think we know, we are really limited at the end of the day. When Job complained God began to explain to him the many things He does and has done to make our everyday life what it is. While God asked Job a multitude of questions they still came down to one thing in common. That was where were you when I did what I did? That is a powerful question and one you should give attention to this week.

You can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens you. It doesn't have to make sense. As long as you have Him on your side that's all you need. It doesn't make sense that God saved you after you did the things you did. Yet, many of you reading this right now are saved. I simply want to encourage you to trust God through the ups, downs, good times, bad times, and the times that do not make any sense to you. Why? Because the race is given to the one who endures. This is not the time to be giving up, this is the time to be standing up for God knowing that the best is truly yet to come!!

May the Lord continue to bless and keep you in His grace,


Bishop Carlos J. Lennon