September 28, 2015 @ 12:24 AM

Welcome again to this week's word for the week. No one may ever know all of the things you go through in your life. No one may ever know just how far you've come in your life. No one may every know just how much God has done in your life. No one may ever know how much you love and appreciate God. At the end of the day none of that should really matter to you.

Let's be honest and brief this week. Many people do a lot of things to be noticed. Since we were small children growing up a lot of our lives has been spent seeking out the approval and attention of others. As time goes on and we grow up the goal is that we hopefully discover and realize that being seen and noticed is not always the best thing for you. At some point we begin to learn who we really are and become comfortable with that. 

However, that doesn't happen for everyone nor does it happen at the same rate for those it does happen for. A lot of people spend their time comparing themselves to others but one has to be careful about that. As anyone with wisdom will tell you, be careful who decide to mimic or imitate. At the end of the day you have to know God for yourself and that is something that is very important. Let's go a little further here.

Many of the most important things God has done in your life has not been done around a crowd of people. God values that personal time with us. That is why prayer is so important. Prayer is your time to talk to God without anyone else being around. You may have many issues in your life at the moment but it is in prayer that God will reveal how to turn things around. Sometimes He may give you instructions and other times He may simply tell you to be still and know that He is God. 

No one else is around when God tells you He is getting ready to break strongholds in your life. When you are having those talks with God about your deep inward issues there is no one else around. Many of the ways God has changed in your life were revealed to you when no one else was around. I'm building a point here this week so let me get to it.

You don't make changes for the approval of others. You make changes to better yourself. You don't change so that someone else will notice how different you are. You change because God has made you different and you want to please Him. Anytime your aim is to please God it will always cause your enemies to be at peace with you. Do you want that job situation or life situation to really turn around? Then make your reason for change be about you wanting to please God and watch what happens.

One thing I like to do is to be honest. It is not to be mean or hurt people. It is in hopes of being direct enough where it will get their attention and alert them to the need to take things more seriously. Sometimes we underestimate the need to do what God is telling us. We under value God's intentions at times. Great things can be in store for us but our limited obedience causes us to miss many of God's greatest blessings. 

You can never prove to people how serious you are about God. For some people it won't matter what you do because truthfully they are not watching you to even notice. Only God has a heaven or hell to put you in. Jesus told the people to not fear what man can do to the body but to fear God for eternal judgement. Get to a point that you do what you do for God. Make whatever you do be for the Lord Jesus first and foremost. Your reward is not down here but instead is reserved in heaven for you.

So many people get frustrated because their change goes unnoticed by others. If you do for God it will never matter who else sees you. Live to please God. Pray because it pleases God. Study because God wants to increase your knowledge. Don't do these things because you want the attention of others. Do them because joy comes from doing the right thing. Peace comes when your ways please the Lord. Everything around you can be chaotic but when you're focused on God it is truly amazing on how much peace He can give you. 

I need to close here this week but I need to leave you with something to think about. When you stand before the judgement throne of God no one is going to stand there with you. No one else will be able to intervene on your behalf or try to convince God how much you deserve to make it in. Make the goal and aim in your life to please God. Those difficult things that you must do can be so much easier if you remember who you're doing for. Don't get sidetracked. This is your year to do all things unto the glory of God!

May the Lord continue to bless and keep you in His grace,


Bishop Carlos J. Lennon