August 30, 2015 @ 9:48 PM

Welcome again to this week's word for the week. This week is one of those weeks where the word is straight to the point. Sometimes, being brief is better as there's no excuse to not read the whole thing and it is easier to retain later. This enables you to be able to better give the ultimate point some real thought. With that being said let's get straight to the topic at hand this week.

One of the most powerful things you have going for you as a child of God is your salvation. There is so much to be said about that process but it's easier to simply say without that there's no you or anyone else who names the name of Christ. Part of being saved is that there was first a desire for Christ. There was a point and time in your life where you realized that life as you knew it was not all there was to it. You realized a need for more and the need for God in your life. Whatever may have happened to drive you to God it did just that.

Now really give this some thought. You have to want God. That may sound easy and plain but it is far from it when you think about it. You have to want God. You can't just want the things of God or the blessings He has for you. You have to want Him. You face a lot of challenges on this journey but all things are only possible through Christ. Without Him you can do nothing.

Let's go a little deeper and give you some things to consider. You may say you want Christ but what does that mean to you? It doesn't matter who is preaching or how they preach, you have to want God in order to receive what's being said. People walked away from Jesus and followed Him no more because He said something that was needed but didn't appeal to the flesh. So that brings about the next question. Do you only want what pleases you or what pleases God?

Anyone can stand in front of a group of people and declare they want God. The real question though is do you share that same desire when nobody else is around? When you wake up do you first thank God that He's in your life or do you thank Him for everything you have? Is the only time you really pray is when things are not going right in your life? I ask this question a lot but who are you when everyone else is not around?

If God can watch over you to keep you out of danger do you not realize He is also watching everything you do? Give this some thought for a moment. The most private place in your house is wide open for God to view. God cannot only be there when trouble shows up. He has to be there in order to stop the multitude of troubles that should've come your way that you didn't even know about. While He's there for all that do you really think He's not there watching you?

There is only one way out of trouble and that's through Christ. You can't come out of anything until you first want God. Only then will He deliver you. You can't call on Him only in your time of trouble. You have to call on Him every chance you get. You have to see God as more than just a trouble remover. You have to see Him as your everything. It should bother you to not do right. It should bother you to not pray sincerely. It should bother you to pretend in front of others while secretly living a lie.

You get one chance on this journey of life down here on this earth. Once you are gone there is no coming back from that. There is no second chance to come back and do the second time what you didn't do the first time. Look around you for a moment. Do you not realize that the warning signs are already around you? Have you forgot that your ultimate goal is to get ready and stay ready for the return of Christ? You're simply passing time down here. Don't get so caught up in the ways of the world and the works of the flesh until you forget you are a spirit being handcrafted by the ullitmate Master Builder who not only watches over your soul but is the One who gave it to you to begin with.

May the Lord continue to bless and keep you in His grace,


Bishop Carlos J. Lennon