August 9, 2015 @ 11:45 PM

Welcome again to this week's word for the week. How is your commitment to God? I know that's a hard question to start off with but it's an important question for you to consider. Your dedication to God should be a priority in your life. It should mean something. It should bother you if you realize that it is something that is lacking in your life. 

But here's another question. It should bother you but does it? How do you feel when you go through those times where you know within yourself you're not doing everything you should be doing? It's easy to pretend but when it's just you and God where do you really stand? Here's a better question to ask. Is God really pleased with you?

Think about what I'm really saying this week. Perhaps you look and you realize that there's some lack in your life when it comes to God. The question is what are you going to do about it? A lot of times people are frustrated by what they look at in their life that is not happening. That becomes the reason why they slack when it comes to the things of God. This may be hard to hear but you have the ask another question. Are you only walking with God for what you perceive as the good times?

Give this next point some serious thought. God is always working on your behalf. He's working right now to give you the vision that is necessary to read this. He's working in the mere fact that He woke you this moring to see this day. He's always doing His part even when you don't know it. The question is are you doing your part? How hard is it to really commit to God? How hard is it to be faithful to a God that has blessed you countless times?

Is it possible that the holdup in your life is selfishness? It's easy to develop a mindset of if you do for me then I'll do for you. Many of the relationships you may have in your life are based on that. You may not want to admit this but it's possible that even some of your friendships are based on what you can get out of it instead of what you bring to the table. By now you can tell that we're not just going somewhere this week but that we're already there.

The ultimate reason for getting saved is for the salvation of your soul. That is the main goal that should be in your life. There is no way to honestly study the Bible and not realize that there is some effort needed on your part. Your faith in God is not demonstrated by how much you speak about Him or how well you do it. It's based on your actions. Faith without works is dead. Unfortunately, not many people realize that their dedication to God is part of those works. 

This modern world makes us comfortable. I want to put this last part in perspective so follow along. We now have electricity, plumbing in homes, cell phones that can be used on the go, the Internet which allows us to access things around the world, automobiles that can take us places, planes that fly in the air, all you can eat buffets, and comfortable seating in church. All of that is fine but if it were not for God then none of those would be possible. Let's go further.

Have you ever realized that not everyone in the world right now has access to those things? There are people who live in mountains, deserts, and the woods who farm their own vegetables and hunt for their own food. They light camp fires not only for light but for heat. They walk everywhere they need to go. Every meal counts and there is no such thing as eat until you're stuffed. Their worship to God means kneeling on the hard ground. Who has the greater appreciation for God? 

My final point is that until you truly appreciate God for who He is you will never be faithful and committed to Him. As long as you're only serious about God because of what you want you will never see the fullness of His glory. You will never experience what His anointing is truly about because you only use it for selfish gain. There are some people who simply want more anointing because they want their name to be greater. They want the applause of man instead of the approval of God. 

Do you know how you get God's approval? Through your commitment to Him. What good is it to be anointed if you're only going to use it to show off around other people who already know God? What good is it for you to know more word if you're only going to stand around the water cooler to outdo your coworkers on who knows the most? What good is your church attendance if you're only there for everyone to notice you showed up and showed out? 

I'm going to tag onto last week's message for a moment. People are spiritually dying because they are lacking the word. Your body shuts down over time when it doesn't get any water. Your spirit shuts down over time when it doesn't get any word. We spend so much time showing off what we know to others who already know. When is the last time you reached out to those family members who don't know Christ? When is the last time your conversation with your coworkers was about Jesus instead of the recent vacation you took?

This is not the season of excuses. It's not the season of stalling time. It's not the season of it can wait. It's not the season of I'll do it tomorrow. It's not the season of I'm too tired. It's not the season of why do I have to do it. It's not the season of I'm not worried about it. It's not the season of I don't care what anybody else says. It's the season of making sure that everything you do is for the glory of God. At Holy Living Christian Center it's the Year of Reverence. In other words, if it's not for the glory of God then you shouldn't be doing it. If your lack of commitment doesn't glorify Christ then you need to change it plain and simple.

May the Lord continue to bless and keep you in His grace,


Bishop Carlos J. Lennon