August 23, 2015 @ 11:56 PM

Welcome again to this week's word for the week. I have been saved for quite some time now. Twenty-two years to be exact and next month will make twenty years that I've been preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. Throughout the years there is something I've really learned and realized. If we don't see the promises that God has for our life it is not because God has failed at the task. It is because we haven't done our part. Now that your attention is focused on the issue at hand let's move forward.

Earlier on in my journey with Christ I would think the holdup for some people was simply that they did not know what God had in store for them. I felt there was no way for them to walk in something they had no knowledge about. At that time I did not distinguish between what they were taught or what they had experienced. I just simply felt that one cannot do what one is not aware they need to do. Notice I keep using words that refer to the past tense. In other words, time and experience has taught me that's not the case.

Think back to Moses for a moment. What was his reason for not entering into the promised land? Did God make a mistake? Did God fail to deliver Moses to the place of promise? The answer to both of the questions is no. The problem was not God. The problem was Moses. There was no one else to blame at the end of the day. Moses was responsible for his own actions. There is no way to get around that fact of truth.

It is difficult to understand that what caused Moses to only see the promised land instead of entering into it came down to his inability to follow God. It is difficult to understand because we know how he listened to God and trusted God to bring Israel out of Egypt. The question though is did he really and fully trust God? Think about this for a moment as we move forward. Moses did not want to be the person God used for such a task. He made an excuse about not being able to talk properly until God in anger told him that He would send Aaron with him. God would speak to Moses and he in turn would tell Aaron what to tell the people.

This doesn't seem important until you realize that sometimes the way you start is the way you finish. Yes, Moses was mighty in doing the works of God on many occasions. It would be foolish to simply find fault with such a person and dismiss all that he did accomplish. The point to remember though is that he started not completely trusting God and he finished the same way. All Moses had to do was speak to a rock the second time instead of striking it as he did the first time. God had changed His methods but Moses allowed the people to get him off course and instead struck the rock again.

Now it may not make sense or seem fair that God would not allow Moses to enter into the promise land but there are a few things you have to remember. God is no respector of persons. What one has to do we all have to do and that is be obedient to His word. There are no choices or debates about it. We are His workmanship and we have been bought with a price. We don't belong to ourselves. We belong to God.

It used to be hard for me to understand how or why Moses would even think about doing something different after seeing so many things God had done on his behalf. Then I began to realize there are many people even today who are no different. This may not feel good but there are some people who are not bothered by their disobedience to God. They do not seem to grasp what the big deal is all about. They simply assume that grace and mercy will keep them even through their willful ignorance. 

I need you to think about something for a moment before we get ready to wrap this up. How much in your life is being held up because you won't do the things you need to do? You may know what God has in store for you but are you willing to do your part? There are times when your part is simply to stand still and see the salvation of the Lord. Then there are others when the kingdom of heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force. In other words, there are times when you will have to go out and fight in order to recover what you lost. The question is are you willing to do your part?

It's not enough to know what you need to do. The bible doesn't tell us to be satisfied by what we know. It tells us to be doers of what we know and not just hearers only. In other words, the bible holds us accountable for our actions and does not accept good intentions and being enough. Many people have been meaning to get saved so they say. Many people are just waiting for the right time so they say. However, the best time to respond to God is when the moment is at hand. You may never get that chance again as tomorrow is not promised to any of us.

So take some time this week and give some things in your life some honest thought. How much is being held up because of you? How much is being held back because of you? How much are you missing out on because of you? How much further could you be if you learned how to get out of your own way? What would happen if you would once and for all ditch the excuses on why you can't or don't and make it your business to do what you need to? Anybody can blame others. Not everyone can claim responsibility for where they are.

When God has something for you there is still a part you play in it. Even if you simply stand still you need to know that is not as easy as it sounds. Many people are always anxious to fix things and very few have the patience to wait on God. Which one are you? This is not your season for finding fault in others. This is not your season of looking at everyone but never looking in the mirror. This is the season of taking your life back by putting it in the hands of God. This is your season of obedience, trust, commitment, dedication, diligence, and complete faith to God. Don't miss your moment because your next step could be the difference of what you simply see versus what you actually walk into!

May the Lord continue to bless and keep you in His grace,


Bishop Carlos J. Lennon