August 3, 2015 @ 12:33 AM

Welcome again to this week's word for the week. Let's start this week off with a Bible verse which will serve as the foundation for our word for the week. Luke 10:2 says "Therefore said he unto them, The harvest is truly great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest." It is a very simple verse if you simply look at it on the surface. However, once you really examine that verse then the full meaning is more clear and understood.

Most people will look at that verse and say it simply means that there's plenty of work to do for the kingdom but there's not enough workers to make it all happen. That is true by itself but there's a few more points that need to be looked at also. Harvest refers to a time of reaping. The time of reaping comes after the time of planting. Without any watering after the planting there will be no harvest. So everything works together and every step is needed.

Hang in there with me as we get more close to the point. The word laborer refers to an unskilled worker. That means it is a task that can be easily taught to anyone. Now here's the underlying point. A teacher can only teach a student who is willing to learn. One who feels like they already know will simply sit in the class and allow their mind to wander off somewhere because they think they already know. So a laborer is also one who must be taught a task before they perform it.

Think about this for a second. If you hired a moving company and they are getting ready to move something expensive the first thing you would do would be to tell them to be careful with that particular item because it is valuable. Do they already know how to handle such items? Yes. Can they benefit from knowing that item really needs to be handled with care? Yes. It doesn't matter that they know how to move something. That is an item in which they need to be aware to use extreme caution with.

My point is every task is different. A struggle for most people is that they don't like change. They like to do things the same way every time. That is not always possible. So back to the laborer part. The laborer is taught how to carry out a task and they learn to perform that task the way they were taught. If they try to do it their own way it usually means they will not be working on that job. So the key to being a good laborer is to be one who takes heed to instruction and carries out the task according to how they were told.

Is it possible that the problem for reaping the harvest is that finding laborers in the true sense is not as easy to find as it seems? In the body of Christ there are a lot of people who think they know but how many actually know? A laborer carries out the assignment on behalf of someone else. They are not the focal point or the most important person. It is not about them making a name for themselves. It's about fulfilling a task that is being assigned to them.

A laborer then must have a mindset to not strive to be an island but rather to be part of a continent. Think about that point for a moment. There are islands that consist of one country but no single island contains multiple countries. However, a continent may contain many countries. Africa is a continent that contains many countries. Think about that point for a moment. One person can only do so much. That's why the Bible speaks of two or three being gathered together in the name of Jesus. One will put a thousand to flight and two will put ten thousand to flight.

It doesn't take long to realize that there's power in numbers. Imagine if people in the body of Christ would take on the attitude of a laborer and simply do what they're told to do. How much further could we be? How much more power would unity bring? What could happen if everyone was on one accord in prayer? There would be an explosion of Holy Ghost power.

So let's get ready to look at something else before we close. Do you want to know why the enemy is constantly battling the minds of people to do what they want to do? It is because he already knows that disobedience disrupts the flow of God. If the flow of God is disrupted then plans are delayed. Some delays can cost lives. So let me ask you a tought question here. Can you handle living with the fact that you may be an enemy of God who sits in His house weekly and yet inwardly you fight against Him? Is it possible that some people have spiritually died as a result of your selfishness?

That's a tough question but here's a simple point. Either you're for God or against Him. Either you're seeking to build the kingdom which represents His name or you're seeking to build your own name. Either you're seeking to bring Him glory or you're seeking your own. You have to choose which side you're on and you have to make that choice daily. Too many people are more interested in their own name instead of the name of Jesus. A laborer helps build a house. It's the owner who decides how it's going to be built.

We are bought with a price. We don't belong to ourselves. We are the temple of the Holy Ghost. That should and needs to mean something to you. It my prayer that none of you reading this are gulity of inward desires for self. However, if that is you then now is a good time to get back to what this journey is all about. God is simply delaying the return of Christ so that as many can saved will be saved. Your mission at the end of the day is simple. Help spread the gospel of truth. You don't need a platform or microphone to do that. You need a heart for God that is only interested in His will. 

May the Lord continue to bless and keep you in His grace,


Bishop Carlos J. Lennon