Word for the week

Welcome again to this week's word for the week. Well, it seems we’re on a roll with short and sweet as that works best for most people. Since the ultimate goal is that you truly get something from this every week I will be doing the same thing this week. So, let’s get straight to the point as there’s definitely a word from the Lord right now and for a time such as this. Please pardon any spacing issues that may arise as I’m typing this from my iPad instead of my computer.

One of the things I say a lot is the word expectation. I’m always saying be in expectation for God. Be ready for Him to move on your behalf. I was asking God what should I say for this week’s word and He asked me a simple question. What does expectation mean to some people? I paused as I thought it was an obvious answer and of course that’s when He went further so here we go.

Imagine expectation from the perspective of waiting on something you ordered in the mail. Hang in there with me as I have a Bible passage for you as well. When you order something and you are waiting for it to arrive you are actually in expectation. You know that it is on the way. There’s no doubt in your mind and often times you even a tracking number. Perhaps you may have even ordered it knowing that it will arrive in the next day or two. The point is you know it’s on the way.

Depending on what you ordered, it will have an effect on how you wait. Regardless, you are in a state of anticipation. You know that something is on the way to you and you are looking forward to it. Even if you didn’t use a specific amount of days on the shipping method you are still waiting on what you ordered. You know that it may arrive any day and therefore you are on the lookout for it.

Now that we have that out of the way let’s tie that same principle to the Bible before we close for this week. When Elijah went back to Ahab to tell him that it would rain again something powerful happened. Elijah knew that God would make good on His word. There was no doubt in the heart and mind of Elijah.

He told his servant to go look for a sign. The servant came back and said he saw nothing. He told him to go again and the servant had the same response. Even after this second time Elijah told him to go four more times and the answer was the same. Nothing. Now give this next point some serious thought. Elijah didn’t give up and sent the servant for the seventh time. What made Elijah do this after six clear answers of nothing? Expectation!

Expectation doesn’t let you quit. It doesn’t know how to quit or how to give up. Expectation may cause weariness from waiting but it never gives up on what’s on the way. You can’t either! Elijah was determined to see the promise of God and he sent his servant the seventh time. If you know the story you know the outcome. The servant declared he saw a small cloud the size of a man’s hand growing larger.

You can’t tell me God won’t show up. He will always do what He said He will do but the question is are you expecting Him to do it? Faith is not saying what you simply hope for. Faith is believing that God will do it. Expectation says I’m going to keep going back and checking on things until I see the expected outcome. It takes clouds to rain. At just the sight of the clouds alone the expectation could now become a reality.

Ok, give me one more paragraph here. You are looking for the reality of your prayers. You are looking for God to do what you’ve been praying about. That’s fine but do you expect Him to do it? Have you gone from “I hope so” to “I know so” and are counting it already done? Faith is powerful but you’ve got to put it to action. Expect to see your breakthrough, miracle, and deliverance. This is not the God I sure hope you hear me and you’ll do it season. This is the season of God I’m already expecting it to be a done deal that’s on it’s way into my life!

May the Lord continue to bless and keep you in His grace,

Bishop Carlos J. Lennon