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We are excited about the many options the new app offers. However, getting it to work has been a challenge for some so we wanted to post the instructions here. Go to the App store on your device and search for easytithe. After it downloads, search for holy living christian center and make sure you use ALL LOWER CAPS ONLY. Not sure why but that's the only way it works. Do not put in the zipcode. Just hit the search button and then you will see underneath where it will say Holy Living Christian Center, Savannah GA. Once you select that you will simply have to sign in with your email address and passcode one time and you will be good to go. We hope this helps everyone. Remember, you can add cards, delete cards, and choose which fund you want your giving to go to. 

We appreciate your willingness to help support our ministry through your financial donations. Your tax-deductible contribution will assist in Holy Living Christian Center's mission to assist in continuing to build the Kingdom of God and further the Gospel of Jesus Christ.